By Malia

Aug 13, 2017

NSA: No strings attached

LTA: Long term arrangement 


“I was almost nineteen. The moment I checked into my dorm room, I rushed online to create my SeekingArrangement account.”  Kate now recalls how she got started as a Sugar Baby.


Welcome to the Sugar Bowl!

It had been seven long months since Kate decided she belonged in the Sugar Bowl. But things were not that easy. She was still in high school and a virgin then. Many things had to change.

First, she scored a prom date with a guy she had a crush on since junior high.They explored an intimate summer together and build sweet memories just before moving three hours away. Virginity gone, check!

Next, she was accepted into college in a bigger city. Moving out of parents house, privacy, check!
“I couldn’t wait for new adventures! I mean, summer was really cool, but I really really wanted to meet an experienced man to teach me all about being an adult, in and out of bed.”

Quite a Match!

Fix to six weeks from creating a Sugar Baby profile Kate hit it off with Brian. But, how did she manage to attract a real Sugar Daddy so fast? 
As a starter, Kate is genuinely more into older man than younger guys. The deciding factor however was on the match between someone looking for a full mentor and guide and the mentor looking for ingenuity.

Brian was then newly divorced from an oppressive and bossy wife. He had been a faithful husband for 28 years. He felt he had missed on sexual freedom in his earlier days and was on a mission to catch up with fun. 
What drew Kate into Brian was the sense of safety and all his aura of confidence. As an outspoken public figure (and obvious wealth) his background was easily verifiable and his very athletic lifestyle was a big plus. For Brian, Kate’s fragile appearance and personal inexperience in life were really attractive as he finally could “shape” and have a real say in a young woman’s life. 


A Sugar Daddy of Many Babies

Brian offered Kate a sweet moderate lifestyle allowance in a fluid pay per meet way of Sugaring. Kate gave it a go. “What did I have to lose? I was really attracted to him, so why not?”, she confided. 
They started by meeting once a week. He was busy with other sugar babies. He saw 2 to 3 Sugar Babies at any given time and replaced them every 2 to 3 months. While 7 other sugar babies passed through Brian’s life since Kate start seeing him, Kate was kept around continuously.

“I always saw Brian as my boyfriend even though he had other Sugar Babies around. I think things were just sexual with them. With us, of course we spent a good time in bed, but we cycled together every week. We went to the movies and spent hours debating about movies and he helped me learning my materials from school. It was like having my mom helping me understand my homework. I know it sounds weird but we have this comfortable home feeling.” 
Almost a year into their arrangement, Brian popped the question: How would you like to move in?
Kate couldn’t believe! Living full time in a posh penthouse with someone she had lots of fun! Yes! Yes! 

There is a Catch!

As they moved in together, Brian put the stipulation of remaining in an open relationship. Kate was ok with that, as she could explore things too with other people and still have Brian picking up the tab for all her practical life needs. Everything was peachy. But it was not long until Brian popped another important question: How would you like to have a threesome?  
Kate agreed to make it happen. She later realized that women were not her thing. Two years since starting a NSA arrangement Kate and Brian are still going strong with their arrangement. 

Sugar babies, here is a lesson learned from Kate. Keeping things flexible and open allowed her to convert a casual NSA arrangement into a full time, long-term living in situation over time. If you genuinely connect with your daddy interesting surprises can come in your way too!