The Benefits of Older Sugar Babies

By Brielle

Dec 27, 2018

We’ve all seen or heard of the stereotypical Sugar Baby: thin, beautiful and in her early twenties, but guess what? That’s all changing. There are plenty of older SBs who bring a lot to the Sugar bowl and a lot of SDs are choosing these women for various reasons.

First, an older Sugar Baby knows what she wants. She knows what she’s looking for in a relationship and she is typically upfront about it. There are no surprises with an older SB. Second, an older Sugar Baby is noticeably more comfortable in her own skin. Many older SBs age like fine wine and with age comes security and confidence in who you are.

An older SB tends to have her own life outside of Sugaring, this doesn’t mean younger SBs don’t have their own lives outside of Sugaring, it just means that when you get older, you typically become more established. A lot of older SBs are usually working, volunteering, and taking care of a family. This is a great arrangement for a busy SD who doesn’t have as much time to devote to the Sugar bowl as he’d like.

Many older Sugar Babies are more goal oriented, which is great for any Sugar relationship. As an older baby, I devote some time regularly to self-improvement in various aspects of my life.

Finally, life experience. Age brings wisdom about life that can only be taught through time. Many older babies are great additions to the Sugar bowl because they can lend a sympathetic ear to the younger ones and also give great advice. In a Sugar relationship, an older SB can always be there for her SD.

There are so many reasons why older Sugar Babies are great additions to the sugar bowl, but these are just a few. We bring life experience, confidence, and sex appeal into the mix, which always makes for a perfect arrangement!