Relationship Lessons We can Learn from Celebrities

Generally, people don’t have a high opinion about celebrity marriages especially Hollywood marriages as we get to hear a breakup or divorce news every now and then. However, among all this noise we forget something, that negative news creates a lot of buzzes but there are so many other couples in Hollywood whose love and marriage stood the test of time and we all can learn a lot about how to be happy in our relationships from them.

Here are a few relationship lessons we can all learn from celebrity couples.

You Have to Keep Learning from Each Other.

You voted for them or not! You have to agree that President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle Obama were relationship goals for all walks of life. How they conducted themselves as the most powerful political couple who has the spotlight on them all the time was just awe-inspiring.

But you know what keeps them going, it is the fact that they continuously learn from each other. Michelle once said that “‘Patience and calm I’m borrowing, or trying to mirror,”. “I’ve learned that from my husband, that sort of, you know, ability to not get too high or too low with changes and bumps in the road, to do more breathing in and just going with it. I’m learning that every day, So I’ve learned to let go and enjoy it and take it in and not take things too personally.”

President is not far behind in learning from his wife, he had this to say in one interview “And what Michelle has done is to remind me every day of the virtues of order, Being on time, Hanging up your clothes, Being intentional about planning time with your kids.

Accept and Celebrate Your Differences.

Only marriage doesn’t signify a successful relationship, one of the best examples for this is Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russel who have stayed together for more than 30 years now. Their secret to their successful relationship is that they accept they both are different people and don’t let that affect their relationship. Goldie Hawn has this to say about her relationship in an interview “Relationships are always challenging because you’re living with someone and two people are very different but it really is about, ‘What are your core values? What are the things that matter to you?”. She also added that ”Kurt’s quite different in many ways to what I am, and vice versa, but we want the same things out of life and so it’s been an incredible ride with him.”

Communication is Key.

Meryl Streep most nominated and awarded actor in Oscar history has successfully stayed away from the “Oscar curse” that was suffered by her counterparts in their relationships. Streep has been and her husband sculptor Don Gummer, is married for more than 35 years now successfully owe their happy marriage to clear and frequent communication, Meryl Streep in many interviews emphasized on the importance of conversation in a successful marriage.

We can definitely take a leaf from their success stories. Don’t let your passion and love ever die.