Relationships Lessons You Learn Only After Falling in Love

Relationships look different from the outside when you are single, however, you would realize that it is a whole different world once you fall in love. Everything you might have thought about an idea of relationship or love is far distant from reality. When you are single you only perceive relationships as a third party or understand them from rom-com films or TV shows, as a result, you might end up having very unrealistic expectations of what a relationship would be.

Few of the relationships lessons you will only learn after falling in love are as follows:

Real Relationships are not Fairytales

All the mushy romantic movies have made us believe that relationships are fairytales and once you find the right one for yourselves, it is happily ever after from there. The real story actually starts after you find one.  Every relationship will have its set of issues and arguments which you have to learn to deal with.

A Relationship is not Always a Romantic Riot

Romance is very much part of any relationship but a relationship is not only all about romance. However, the relationship will also include normal stuff which you might have not expected. Especially once you pass the initial magical phase of the relationship, it will get more real where you both would every enjoy doing normal everyday things together.  However, if you are in a relationship with the right person, you will find pleasure and joy even in doing mundane things together.

Relationships Take a Lot of Work

What most people fail to understand especially if they are single is that relationships take a lot of work. The couple might seem meant to be absolutely made for each other, however, without effort from both the partner’s relationship would not sustain for long. It needs effort and time to keep clear channels of communication with one another and to make time for one another.

The External World Affects Your Relationship

A relationship would not only mean just the two of you. How you communicate with the outside world as a couple and how your social circles react to you will have a lot of effect on your relationship. You cannot forever keep your relationship isolated.

Your Partner is Flawed

Your partner might be a perfect match for you but he/she may not be the perfect person on the planet. You will only learn slowly that you would have a few things that you would not like about your partner but if you are in love those things will all be tolerable. How much ever dreamy partner would seem, he/she is a human after all and has flaws.  You might be getting annoyed by his/her habits and ways too.

As they say it is better to have loved and lost than never loved. When you fall love, only then will you understand the real world of relationships and how to navigate your way through it.