How to Rock a Meet and Greet

By NobodysWife

May 19, 2018

First impressions are lasting impressions and sometimes the only impression you will have the chance to make. So how do you prepare yourself for what is possibly a nerve-wracking experience that you have a whole potential relationship riding on? If you want to make sure that you have done everything in your control to put your best foot forward, check out these tips.

What To Wear

A timeless question that I’m sure every woman wishes she had a quarter for each time she’s said it. First, figure out where you’re meeting. This will help you decide to go more casual or more dressed up. Either way, try to dress in a way that will make you stand out from the crowd. For instance, if you’re going somewhere casual, still make sure your outfit is well put together and doesn’t include holes (ripped jeans), leggings, or t-shirts with words or logos on them. I pretty much always default to a skirt or dress of some sort. If wearing a skirt or dress, unless it’s a long skirt, or it’s hot out, wear nylons. Bare legs are tacky under the wrong circumstances.

Wear minimal makeup and something that makes you look similar to your profile photos.

Wear something that you are comfortable in and that you know is flattering on you.

Be conservative with your accessories. Either don’t wear any or wear something simple and classy. Don’t get too blinged out, k?

Check your POT’s height compared to yours. Unless he’s already shorter than you, don’t wear flats. Even a simple wedge will make a difference in the way you carry yourself and how your legs look. Elevate yourself.

Make sure your nails are clean and groomed. They don’t have to be long or even painted. Just make sure you don’t have any hangnails and you don’t have ragged bitten edges.

How to Prepare

Treat this like a job interview and go in armed to the max about the company. Read and reread your POT’s profile. It may bring up questions you’d like to ask him in person. Above all, it will prevent you from asking questions that are clearly answered in his profile and leave you time for asking others. Figure out his username. Some are obvious, some not. If it’s not very obvious, try googling it, it may be an obscure reference. If nothing comes up, hey, you have another topic for conversation!

I’m not even going to bring up being on time. Oh, wait, I guess I did. And if you’ve done everything humanly possible not to be, and you’re still going to be more than five minutes late, message him. Before you’re already late.

Ground yourself.  Breathing exercises or a short meditation will help you show up calm and collected.

Think of a few conversation topics in advance in case the conversation hits some pot-holes.

The Elephant in the Room

Before you meet, test the waters. A good SD will bring this up himself, but sometimes you will have to. Basically just make sure you are on the same page. This doesn’t mean that you need to hash out all the dirty details straight away. But finding out if the POT’s budget is close to your expectations is useful. Unless you’re fine with simply being treated to drinks or perhaps a meal, don’t be afraid to bring up that which makes the world go round before the M&G.

Once You’re There

Get off your beepin’ phone! Seriously, put it on vibrate or silent and do your best to pretend you’re not addicted to it. Don’t take Snapchat or Instagram photos no matter how nice of a place the POT took you to. When it’s time to check in (and please do put in safety measures for yourself), courteously excuse yourself to the bathroom and text your bestie while you’re peeing. And don’t spend forever fixing your hair and makeup. He’s gonna think you’ve got other addictions than your cell phone.

Stay engaged. Make eye contact and smile lots. Duh. But seriously, call upon your social superpowers and be charming and attentive. Even if he is not. Stick to conversation topics that neither one of you is likely to get worked up over and don’t argue with him about anything. This is your time to draw information out of him, not set him straight on how the Occupy movement actually started and its social impact. It’ll be up to you to later to decide if his wallet and cute smile make up for the fact that he’s unaware that feminism not only creates waves but comes in them too.

Be Yourself

Do let your personality shine through. You can do so by sharing your hobbies and passions. Do be genuine. If the POT is turned off by your quirky laugh and your love of pagan metal bands, then there’s probably other things about you that aren’t going to go over so well with him either. Or, for all you know, he listens to folk metal while he day-trades and can introduce you to a new band or two.