Romantic Sugar Travel Tips

By Colette

Aug 04, 2017

The tickets are booked and the bags are packed.  The plane has landed and your Sugar Daddy just checked in to the hotel.  You get up to the room, open the door and step inside. The adventure has just begun!  Here are a few ways you can amp up the romance on all your sugar travels.

Set The Mood

First things first: get some background music going.  This is the easiest part, since all you need is a music app on your smartphone and a speaker.  Most high-end hotels have speakers that hook up to smartphones so you can enjoy your music no matter where you are in the room.  If you don’t want to take any chance just bring a portable speaker. There are lots of lightweight, affordable options to choose from.  Just hook up your phone to the speaker, turn on the Spotify app, and enjoy!

Room Service with a View

Sometimes, there’s nothing better than enjoying a late, lazy breakfast in the room.  And where you enjoy it can be just as important as what’s on your plate.  The obvious vanilla choice is wherever there’s a table in the room.  The obvious sugar choice is in bed—clothing optional.  But depending on the size and feel of your room, I’m sure there are much more creative options.  Do you have a balcony with a view?  Bring the tray outside and move the furniture around until you’re comfortable.  Making something magical out of something routine really comes down to being creative and using your resources.

Bubble Baths aren’t Just for Kids

…They’re even better as adults!  If your room has a separate bath tub, it would be an absolute crime if you don’t put it to good use.  Start the water running, pour in some bath or shower gel, and wait for the bubbles to rise. Pop some champagne, put it on ice, and pour into chilled glasses. Break out your phone and speaker, and get some music going.  Dim the lights and voila—instant romance, rose petals optional.

Take Advantage of the Spa

And last, but certainly not least, try to fit in a couples massage at the hotel spa.  These services are actually pretty chill—it’s just like getting a normal massage, with another person in the room.  It’s a wonderful experience to share with your Sugar Daddy, especially if you can find a resort that does outdoor, beachside massages.


As I said above, creating magical, romantic moments is all about getting creative with what’s around you.  And this article is just about all the fun you can have in a hotel!  Take these little ideas and apply them to other parts of your sugar adventures.  The more creative and romantic you can be, the more your Sugar Daddy will whisk you away on more adventures—and that means more happy memories and more stamps in your passport.  Why be boring when you can take the scenic route?

Have fun and happy sugaring!