Securing a Long-Term Sugar Daddy

By Artemisa

Nov 01, 2017
There are so many Sugar Babies on SeekingArrangement, meaning Daddies have options! How can you secure a Sugar Daddy and keep him? It starts with finding out where you can add value to his life. A Sugar Daddy has money, he’s looking for the values in life that are not monetary. And you should be too!

So, how can you gain and retain a Sugar Daddy long term?

Analyze His Profile

First of all, you need to read his profile carefully, and this means to memorize each sentence. After this, it is useful to prepare conversations and questions that are directly related to his hobbies and interests. A good tip is writing down all the ideas that arise in your mind about possible conversations to hold with him.

When analyzing his profile, take special attention to his eyes and facial expression. What are the feelings and vibrations that he transmits to you? That will give you a better idea of his personality. Write down these impressions, they will be the beginning of an outline of his personality that you can study.

Ask Strategic Questions

Especially on the first date, ask him key questions for you that are also interesting questions for him. How to do this? A good strategy is to be smart and respond ingeniously to his answers, so that each of your answers leads the conversation to the next question that interests you, or to provoke in him the emotional reaction that you want him to have to like you more and more.

And an important point: please be discreet, he is older than you and knows about business conversations. A good trick is to look innocent and spontaneous.

Create Curiosity

What makes something curious? Let´s think.. it is the surprise and the desire to know more of it. Then, how can you become yourself a curious person for him?

For sure there are topics you know a lot about and that he might not have a clue, like the millennial stuff that your generation likes: music groups, TV series, movies, comics, videogames, social media, etc. All these must be related to his hobbies and interests. Tell them all and surprise him.

For example, are you a bit weird but charming? Tell him about that super curious, hidden secrets you know, being the most charming of the nymphs with a sweet voice. This secret can be of anything, it can be about you, an old philosophy writer, a piece of history, stories about famous people, etc. Educate yourself and practice to be “the charming and magical girl”.

Master the Art of Intimacy

Once you become intimate with him, be aware of what gives him the most pleasure. Then, repeat it along with other things, and perfect your art of loving. You will drive him crazy, and you will become someone he will never be able to stop seeing.

A good tip is to tell him which are the intimate activities that you like more, and ask him to do them for you. His motivation and self-esteem will grow exponentially as he will feel more masculine and powerful, when he will realize that he can lead you to maximum female pleasure.

Become the Preferred Partner in Crime

Here comes the strategic part about how to keep him for a long time. If you do all of the above, you’ve already achieved a lot. But what else can you do to have him for a long time, that him will always want to be with you.

The best strategy is to become his accomplice. And how can you do this? It is simple, just listen to his problems, give him advice and possible solutions, but never pressure or tell him that your opinions are the only correct ones.

Possibly your Sugar Daddy has children or maybe is married, in these usual cases it is very important that you show respect his family life and his working schedule. You must think that you are the treasure he meets in his spare time to have wonderful experiences.

This advice, in full or in part, can help you to be successful in a long term relationship with your SD. You need to analyze him first, and later decide what strategies and behaviours will work better, always follow your intuition and knowledge from past experiences.