Sharing the Wealth

By Jess Pearson

Mar 24, 2016

In the regular dating world, it would be highly unlikely to set your friend up with an ex, or a guy you dated and the romance just fizzled out. But the world of Sugar dating is far from traditional, so why not share the wealth ? That means passing on the potential Sugar Daddies that didn’t work out, but might be good for someone else. Here is my tale of when the perfect Daddy just wasn’t the perfect fit.


I started chatting to Ben and instantly wanted to meet him; he was kind, funny and above all seemed genuine. The first hurdle to overcome was the fact that we lived in different states – me in Melbourne, him in Sydney – so a quick coffee catch up wasn’t going to be so easy. We decided together that I would jump on a flight after work and return home the next morning. This brought on hurdle number two; his crazy, busy schedule.

Now I’m not the most patient person, and learned quickly that in Sugar, you have to weed out the salt! He said he was going to check his calendar, but in the meantime he would like to send me a small gift. This was promising. I gave him an address to send it to and waited with anticipation. A week later my parcel arrived and I was thrilled to find pure white, silk/cotton sheets, coming in at $450 for the set. This POT was definitely starting to tick a few of the boxes so I couldn’t wait to start organizing this trip to Sydney.


We continued to chat but my impatience was growing again. I made it clear to him that I didn’t appreciate my time being wasted and if he wasn’t actually serious about meeting me then to just let me know. He responded promptly with “how about this coming Monday?” That was only four days away and I had no plans, so of course I said “YES!”

I was very excited and had begun planning out what I would wear and what flights I would need to catch to be back for work in time. I sent him a message the following day with my email address so he could forward me any of the booking details. His response wasn’t what I was hoping for…

“I’ve heard back from the UK – they’ve scheduled a three hour video conference on Monday – which would dent the evening completely.” I rolled my eyes and instantly thought the worst. This guy was just a time waster, but before I could finish my train of thought I got this: “If you send me your bank details I will send you $500 for the messing about. Sorry!” The smile grew and I thought I was on to a winner.


I hadn’t flown interstate for a POT date before, but by this stage, we had been conversing for almost six weeks and not once had he made me feel uncomfortable. Thankfully, I did have a fellow Sugar Sister in Sydney; she knew my flight details, hotel name/room number, where I was meeting him and was able to track my location via my phone. We had set up times for me to check in and even a code if things were going bad and I needed help.


The day I arrived, we planned on meeting in the hotel bar around 7:15pm, which gave me time to check in, and freshen up. I arrived a little early to settle my nerves with a Hendricks (Gin). Before I knew it, a hand was on my back and a voice in my ear saying “you were hard to spot.” I looked around seeing that it was only me and another couple in the bar. I gave a nervous giggle and kissed him on the cheek. Over dinner we chatted about everything; our lives, work, hobbies, and previous Sugar experiences. Everything seemed to be going really well, and I already knew that I wanted to see him again.

Back in the hotel, he sat on the couch and said “let’s get this out of the way first”, pulling out his wallet he started counting the cash – my favourite part. He handed me the bundle of notes saying “I hope this is OK.” I popped it in my bag straight away as I don’t like to count cash in front of them.

Before I had a chance to sit next to him, he was standing and walking towards the door. I was a little shocked honestly; I had prepared to have the “talk” with him. He turned and said “I’ve had a really lovely night with you and I hope to see you again, but I’m going to head off.” This was great for me, but my face showed pure confusion. I kissed him on the cheek and said my goodbyes.

I checked in with my friend to let her know I was safe and alone and I got myself ready for bed. I was up early the next day for my flight back to Melbourne.  


I had this funny feeling that I wouldn’t be seeing Ben again, but I brushed it off and got on with my day. We exchanged a few texts and I let him know how much I enjoyed the evening and was already looking forward to seeing him again, he said similar things.

Four days had past and still no word of when we would meet again, but I reminded myself that I’m impatient and not to read into anything. Suddenly, I got a buzz – it was Ben. Smile on my face, I picked it up, only to be severely disappointed after scanning the first line “Hey Elie – I really enjoyed our evening on Monday but…” BUT… “… there wasn’t a connection for me. I actually think you are gorgeous and smart and will have a queue of guys ready to ask you out. Thanks for coming up – good luck with the new apartment and the quest for an arrangement that ticks all the boxes.”

Was it something I said or did?


On the train heading home I called my fellow Sugar Sister in Sydney to tell her all about it. She seemed a little confused also, but at the end of the day you can’t argue with someone if they just aren’t feeling it. I probed him a little around what he was looking for and I couldn’t help but ask if it was because I didn’t invite him to stay the night. He promptly responded to say that that wasn’t the case and he never expects it.

Being more of a knock to my ego than anything else, I was mostly disappointed because of how generous he was I wouldn’t get any more pieces of that pie. BING, a lightbulb went off… I said to my girlfriend; “Do you want me to ask if he would be interested in meeting you? You’re local to Sydney so you would be able to meet him relatively soon”. She agreed. I responded to Ben letting him know that my Sugar Sister in Sydney was currently looking for an arrangement and would he be keen on getting her details? He said “YES”. My smile was back because I was helping my sister and he really was a nice guy.
This week they went on their first date; they hit it off and I believe date number two is in the works. I would be lying if I was to say I felt no jealousy at all, but I’m a true believer in everything happening for a reason, and now I get to add Matchmaker to my resume.