Starting The Conversation

By Sugar Experts

Sep 03, 2015

It’s what all you newbies have been wondering: How do you reach out and start a conversation with a Sugar Daddy? As you might know by now, securing a Sugar Daddy is no simple matter, it takes time and effort, sometimes more so than finding a traditonal boyfriend. Whether it’s in real life, or on the site, starting the conversation can be tricky and will either lead to an arrangement, or lead to nothing at all.

Conversation Tips

There are a few subtle tips and tricks you can use when you’re sending the first message. Ideally you want to catch his attention without seeming desperate. Be sure to actually read his profile that way you know if you fit the description he is looking for. Most importantly, make sure he’s someone you’d actually be interested in, the conversation will go no where if there is no initial interest.

Try starting off with a compliment like, “Wow I love that green striped shirt, is it from Thomas Pink?” Complimenting his style will show that you pay attention to detail, bonus points if you can guess where he got a particular outfit from. If he’s doing an activity like golfing, do a little research on courses near you and ask if he’s tried one out. There are plenty of little secrets hidden in his profile that show you’re interested in more than the money.

The key to getting him to talk is to get him to talk about himself. Everyone is an expert on themselves, so you can surely ask him something about his style or career that will quickly get the ball rolling. Once he’s comfortable, you’ll have a full introduction in no time.

Staying Connected

Whether you’re texting, or messaging on the site, or talking on the phone, you always want to leave the conversation on a high note, and keep him wanting more. If you two just connected, chances are you won’t be going out immediately, so you need to secure his attention until you meet face to face. When you feel a lull in the conversation, let him know you have to go and that you’ll talk to him tomorrow, then maybe throw him a cute picture so he has something to think about until you do. It’s the perfect little trick.

Perhaps you can take the initiative to come up with a date idea. Use clues from his profile to help you come up with an idea. If he is pictured at a lot of nice restaurants, then ask if he’s tried the cuisine at a certain bistro and then playfully suggest, “You should take me there sometime.” Giving him a subtle command is a great in person trick too. You give him a chance easily ask you out, and if he doesn’t feel the same way you’ll know instantly.

Know What you Want

No matter what, make sure to keep the conversation fun and light hearted. Flirting should make him want to get to know you more. In the first exchanges, you don’t want to bring up an allowance either. If you two end up vibing, and going on a date, that’s when you can discuss an allowance. But when he asks the initial “what are you looking for?” don’t start out by acting entitled. Just say you want to be spoiled, and discuss the details of an arrangement at another time. Try your best to avoid saying “I don’t know.” He wants a girl who knows what she wants, so make sure you know what you want out of Sugar.

What are your favorite ways for starting the conversation with a POT?