Sugar Babies by Age

By Brook

Dec 01, 2015

There is a rumor floating around that Sugar Babies of a certain age will never make it in the bowl. What folly! Sugar Babies come in all shapes, sizes, and even ages. I personally know a Sugar Baby in her 60’s dating younger men and getting paid.

My point is, it doesn’t matter your age. It matters what value you can bring to the relationship. Here is a breakdown of Sugar Babies by age.


GO HOME. You’re too young to be a Sugar Baby, buy cigarettes, and make adult decisions. For all you 17-year-olds, you’re almost there. Now get off Let’s Talk Sugar and go to Teen Vogue or something. Please.


Fresh baby Sugar, just breaking into the bowl. Seduced by the glitz and glam and tuition paid in full, this Sugar Baby age bracket is often the most outgoing, and the most easily taken advantage of. Don’t let the fact that you’re young make you naive. Do your homework, and don’t be too eager. Sugar is sweeter with time, so be sure to take yours.


Still fresh, but slightly more seasoned, these Sugar Babies are most often in college. Being a Sugar Baby in university has it’s perks, and there are plenty of men looking for a smart, ambitious college student to make them feel young again. This is the age you need to set goals, and be wise with your spending and saving.


For some men, this is already too old. Those guys are probably creeps. This is the age range most reputable Sugar Daddies want their women to fall in. Hopefully out of college by now, these are the times to really get your Sugar game on. You have the potential to become a pampered princess, so make sure to show your class and experience in your profile.


At this age, if you’re not married with children, I urge you to be a Sugar Baby. At 25, you’re past the point of being on your parent’s health care, but you still want someone to take care of you. If a man is approaching you, he’s interested in a long term girlfriend or mistress. Take this opportunity!


What? A Sugar Baby in her thirties? YES! There are plenty of men on SeekingArrangement who filter women who are only in this age bracket. They want a more mature connection, and someone to have a longer relationship with. I know a Sugar Daddy in Malibu who told me this: “The young ones, they want drama, they love it. A woman in her 30’s doesn’t have any time for it.” At this age, you’re calm, cool and collected, everything a real man wants.


If you’re looking for a Sugar Daddy at this age, you are a smart cookie! So many men on the site are looking specifically for a wife, and someone who can be their equal. If you’re hot, confident, and flaunt your assets, there is no shortage of men seeking to spoil.