From Sugar Baby to Wife

By Jasmin

Nov 01, 2017
Am I the only one that hates drastic life changes? Imagine going from getting $4K a month from your sugar daddy, to falling in love, being his wife and sharing finances. I know it sounds shallow, but I think that’s quite annoying, especially if you gained some sort of independence with that $4K and created a specific lifestyle routine for yourself.

Losing Your Independence

Now you’re probably thinking that if you’re his wife, you’re going to get those financial perks anyway. This is true, but it’s not going to be the same. Never in my life have I seen a husband give his wife an annual salary, but what I have seen is a wealthy husband give his wife his card when she needs something. I know it’s pretty much the same thing, but the element of independence is gone.
You are pretty much hardcore relying on this one person for your financial gain, but only when you need something. As an experienced sugar baby, you know that every month, you are going to get a specific amount in your account and you know that out of that amount, you’re going to save a fraction of it and possibly use the rest to go shopping, spa breaks or even go for top-notch luxury trips around the world.

As a wife, you will have to ask your husband each time you’d need money, you’d need to ask him for his card to go shopping and book your spa breaks, and you’d need to ask him to finance your holiday, which I very much doubt he’d want you to go alone. 
See the dilemma here? Your independence is gone. Your financial independence is gone. 

My Experience

Personally, I absolutely hate asking anyone for money, husband or not. I think it’s probably got something to do with pride…and a lot of it. Just the thought of knowing someone knows that you’re relying on them for something just annoys me. At least as a sugar baby, you can use that money for your own personal gain, whether it’d be to save for a specific purpose, or to spend it excessively on an unnecessary luxury lifestyle. 

Two years ago, I was seeing a Sugar Daddy who eventually wanted me to play a major role in his life. I turned him down. Although I cared for him deeply and I appreciated the love he was giving me, I also couldn’t fathom the thought of my sugar daddy (someone that I initially got with because of the sugar) now becoming my husband. I felt as though I would be forcing myself to love him for him and not his wallet, even though that’s what got us there in the first place.
If your Sugar Daddy began having major financial issues would you stay?, How could he be the main man in your life for the rest of our life?  Would you not consider leaving him for someone who can provide the sugar? I think the answer to that is yes.

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

If you’re in a situation where you’re on the road to being Mrs think first. If your heart isn’t into it don’t do it. Enjoy the 750 a month, or the 2k a month, or the shopping trips in Milan or whatever it may be because these things may not last forever. The material things you fell in love with may not last forever.
Chances are you’re not in love with your sugar daddy. You’re in love with what he has. That’s a dangerous kind of love. That’s usually the kind of love that ends in a messy divorce. If you’re ready to let go of your independence and the sugar baby life, go for it. If you’re not, don’t. It’s that simple.