Sugar Daddies: Aging Like Fine Wine

By Trina

Feb 02, 2017

Just like Sugar Babies come in all shapes and sizes, Sugar Daddies are all different as well. Where a Sugar Daddy may have a preference of a blonde vs. a brunette, a Sugar Baby might have a preference of a Sugar Daddy above 55, or below 40. Each person’s taste differs, but at the end of the day, these are key factors each of these parties keeps in mind when selecting a match for themselves on In this article, Sugar Daddies: Aging Like Fine Wine, I’ll explain why finding activities for each type/age of Sugar Daddy should be carefully considered.

Dirty Thirty

This type of Daddy is young, and if he’s accumulated wealth at such a young age, most likely ambitious. As he’s still physically young and fit enough to do a myriad of activities, I would recommend partaking in outdoor activities or thrills when hanging with this youthful stud.

Tread carefully, though, as many of the men in their 30’s can appear like Sugar Daddies, even when they are not. Make sure his supposed occupation matches his age, if possible (for example, a rich male in his 30’s who owns a tech start-up does not raise any red flags).

Forty For Me

Though they’re beginning to slow down, these Daddies are still up for fun. You may not be able to hike 10 miles with him (or if he’s still that physically fit, more power to him), you can still take advantage of the fact that he has the energy to get up and go on a whim.

They’re usually deep into their careers in this phase, so a brain teaser (escape room experience) or a new experience (a cooking class) will make them feel reinvigorated, and like they’re learning something new, even in their 40’s.

Nifty Fifty

Believe it or not, the older the Daddy, the sweeter the reward. A lot of Sugar Babies claim 55 is the sweet spot, and it very well may be. The older Daddies tend to be more generous, but they’re also more intuitive and can help you network more efficiently.

A nice dinner or a tropical getaway, where he can spoil you and himself, is an ideal date. If you throw in some high-level knowledge about politics, history or current events, more points for you. Show him that you’re a deadly combination of brains and beauty.

Senior Discount (60+)

Ah yes, Hugh Hefner territory. If you’re with a Sugar Daddy who is 60 or above, your allowance will most likely be much higher, but the activities much less. You will probably be pampered the most with men in this age category, but your commonalities will be slim. Your best bet? Finding common ground and taking it from there. Maybe you’re a sucker for TV Land, or both of you are from a similar part of the country.

Reminisce and talk about your hopes and dreams. Older gentleman love to hear the passion and questions of younger people, because it brings them back to a time where they had the same drive. A nice night in with a home-cooked dinner, or a trip to a show is your best bet.

So, there you have it. Although the younger Daddies typically receive more messages and attention, the older Daddies are aging like a fine wine, and they’re more generous, to boot. The key is to look beyond the age you see posted and size up the man behind the photo. Does his profile entice you? Do you have common ground? No matter how old your Daddy is, make sure that the activities you two do together are enjoyable for both of you!