Sugar Daddies and Boyfriends

By David Montrose

Aug 14, 2016

Sugar Babies are typically younger women in their prime dating years. They attend school or are in the early part of their careers, they go out and socialize with many different populations: neighbors, old college friends, work colleagues, and online friends, so it’s not unusual to date or ‘hang out’ with multiple partners.

Enter Sugar dating. You throw Sugar into the mix and things at first remain simple and innocent enough. A Sugar Daddy is just one more dude right? Right… However, what happens if one SD becomes two SDs, eventually three SDs, and a casual date becomes a newly minted boyfriend?  You see how complicated things can become. Should you put aside Sugar once you start serious dating in ‘real’ life? Should keep the two realms of your life separate? Or should you just take advantage of your young years and go full blast and keep dating as much as possible while you still can? Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of Sugar Daddies and boyfriends.

Keep It Separated

You shouldn’t do an injustice to a vanilla boyfriend. Especially if it’s getting serious and you’re talking exclusivity. Should you lie to him and keep seeing your SD because he gives you some material benefits? As a man, I can tell you that if I was seeing a woman exclusively and then somehow found out she was Sugaring I would feel betrayed and break it off. It might not be serious, but your boyfriend will feel slighted and put in a position where he is competing for your attention against a random stranger with money. I have personally been in this position as a younger man, and I can tell you that it will cause resentment. The best thing to do if you want to stay with your boyfriend is stop seeing your Sugar Daddy. If he’s the type of guy who’d be okay with you having both, you’ll know.

Keep It Honest

You can take the high road and tell both men about each other. Tell the SD about the bf, and the bf about the SD. Just don’t be surprised if one of them (or both) decide to leave. The SD might leave because he doesn’t want to ruin any serious relationship between two people. On the occasions where my SB told me she had a serious bf, I took off for the reason that I didn’t want to be the one to break up two lovers.

Keep It Sweet

A third option is to stop serious dating in your real life, and just pursue Sugar dating for a while. Reasons for doing that could be the fact that maybe you have some financial needs that only an older, well off man can fulfill, rather than someone your own age. Or you are not ready to settle down yet and just want to experience a more enhanced lifestyle that a SD can provide. Just bear in mind that once you decide to leave Sugar and start dating seriously, your new serious bf may not appreciate the Sugar dates you had when you were younger.  Society can be judgmental sometimes. Do you want to keep your past a secret, or find someone who truly accepts you?

Participating in Sugar will leave you with benefits, but you can’t avoid the stigmas people in your life will put on that. Nevertheless, if you have a Sugar Daddy and/or boyfriend that’s perfect for you, the rest won’t matter.
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