Sugar Daddies Looking for Love

By Malia

Mar 05, 2017

You’ve found a unicorn Sugar Daddy profile! Finally a positive, profile of your handsome prince on SeekingArrangement. Is he too good to be true? Or is he one of the many Sugar Daddies looking for love?

Prince Charming in the Sugar Bowl

His dating stage is explained: Divorced, experienced as a Sugar Daddy and tired of NSA arrangements. He wants strings as in tying the knot! Potential Sugar Babies need to be physically attractive, smart, classy and fun. Being attuned to his dominant needs is a plus. She also must be open to moving in full time. You could be the chosen one. Sugar Baby, hurry up and do everything to get this Sugar Daddy  dream! Who needs an allowance if he takes care of all your expenses 24-7, as in forever?

It is easy let your guard down and fall into a delusion. The more time you spend entertaining a Sugar Daddy like this, the more enchanting he gets. He teases your desire to live like your favorite reality TV show housewife. Until now, you probably doubted how well you’d fair in the Sugar Bowl. But as opportunity presents itself, you are tempted to embark on this dream. You actually like him. He is so easy to talk to and so sweet. You may be falling for him. It could really work out!

Let me translate this Sugar Daddy profile and his approach. This Sugar Daddy is on the lookout for a magic sense of romance and honeymoon fun. No matter what, it is still a temporary arrangement.

The Fairytale

He wants to pamper you in a few idyllic trips. Perhaps he wants you to spend time at his place in domestic life, cooking, watching movies, relaxing at the spa and physical intimacy. This man has  expressed willingness to support you, marriage is the next move. He wants you to move into his luxurious house and become a kept woman.

If you choose this type of Sugar Daddy, do not get carried away by his wealth and financial ability. Do not fall for too hard for his promise of marriage as he is already living his fantasy as it is.

In conclusion, make his fantasy of advancing to that stage of romance a reality. If you are up for a short term arrangement of faux romance ,you should keep your heart guarded so no one will get hurt. Approach this like any other arrangement. Be cautious and be safe. Get your agreed upon gifts ahead of time and enjoy the interim benefits of a wife. You won’t keep him forever, but if you are realistic of what this arrangement is about and it works for you, you could say ‘I do (for now)’. I don’t…but that is just me, and Sugar Lifestyle is just full of variations and choices.

Would you ever marry a Sugar Daddy?