Sugar Daddies Overseas

As polished Babies of the Sugar World, we’ve learned the secrets when it comes to traditional Sugaring. We’ve mastered our dinner conversation tactics, and how to end a date with the perfect amount of lustful kisses to keep daddy calling. What happens if your beloved SD lives on the opposite side of the world? It gets a little more complicated, but Sugar Daddies overseas are oh SO worth it. Here are some aspects to keep in mind when Sugaring across a different continent; as opposed to across the dinner table.

Establishing Authenticity

First things first, you need to make sure he’s not a Salt, this means you have to be on your A-game when it comes to communication. Skype may seem a bit aggressive, but when the time difference is bigger than your ever-filling Celine Phantom bag, you can’t afford to message back and forth. It simply doesn’t make sense.

You need to be on the same page, and the best way to get to know him is getting face-time, over FaceTime. No one wants to go on a vacation with a dud, so it’s important that you genuinely click, otherwise you’re setting yourself up for a very awkward few days. Of course, you’ll want to get feel safe and secure especially if you plan on traveling to see him.

Mutual Understanding

Having a long distance SD is perfect for women like myself who live double lives when it comes to Sugaring. Being so far away, you need to set up specific dates and times to talk. You have a mutual understanding of when you can and cannot communicate, this saves you from constantly texting to keep him happy- which let’s be real can be a little exhausting sometimes.

We can all agree that Sugaring is different from traditional dating; your SD shouldn’t be acting like a jealous boyfriend or vice versa. Both you and your Daddy overseas should truly enjoy each other’s company, but understand that you both must go back to living your own lives on opposite sides of the world, or at least until your next rendezvous.

Guaranteed Vacations

It’s a no brainer, even if you wanted to just see him in person it would mean a first class flight and a five star hotel. Needless to say, Daddy probably won’t want to show you around his hometown- especially if he’s married. Chances are, if he grew up in the Middle East, he’ll love to take holiday on a sunny beach. I’m talking Ibiza, Maldives, Bora Bora and Bali. The luxurious destinations don’t stop there; Dubai, London, and Mykonos are on the list too, darlings.

This is huge, since a lot of SD’s consider vacations to be the biggest form of allowance; travel is a mere requirement for you two to spend time together. Naturally, shopping, spa days, fine dining and adventures are activities you do on vacations anyways, so you get the best of everything!

Ultimate Discretion

The chances of running into someone you know while lounging on the beaches of St. Tropez with Dom Perignon in one hand, and Daddy in the other are slim to none. Neither of you can (nor should you want to) interfere with each other’s personal lives because you won’t be remotely close to them. There’s no running into ex-wives or current boyfriends when you’re thousands of miles away.

Of course you’d want to share some beautiful sunset shots on Instagram- those glorious beaches would probably look sick af on your feed- but it’s important to keep social media habits to a minimum. Not only would those roaming fees cost a fortune (sorry daddy!) you need to respect the reason you’re overseas in the first place; for the charming, sweet and ever- generous man who craves your respect and attention, just as much as you want that new YSL bag. Discretion is imperative to building a good relationship with your SD. Once you build a foundation of trust, the world is literally at your fingertips!
Catch you on the next flight!