Sugar Daddies in the Workplace

By Delilah James

Oct 08, 2016

When I created my profile on SeekingArrangement, I included details about my fashion merchandising degree. I also mentioned fact that although I love fashion, unpaid internships just weren’t paying the bills. Naturally, lots of men on SA were happy to take care of the bills part, but I also got tons of messages from men who had previous fashion or entertainment experience and wanted to help me out in my career path.

I thought to myself, “is this too good to be true?” And what would it say about me if I used a Sugar Daddy to get the connections I needed to secure my dream job? Lots of negative connotations surround women in the workplace. The slutty secretary is a cliché stereotype, and people will make jokes about women who “sleep their way to the top” of the corporate ladder.

But just like slut-shamers, people who tease about these stereotypes clearly have a problem with women who are career driven. In fact, it’s perfectly okay to utilize your Sugar Daddy for his network of professionals, especially if they’re in your desired field. Here’s why you can have Sugar Daddies in the workplace.

It’s Who You Know

No matter what industry, but specifically in the “fun” industries like music, entertainment, and fashion; it’s all about who you know. People get jobs through their uncles, their professors, or their previous boss. If you don’t know anyone in the industry, you can send out a million perfect resumes before you get a call, and that’s if you’re lucky. Using your Sugar Daddy’s connections in the industry isn’t cheating, you’re only leveling the playing field.

You’re Doing the Work

If you feel guilty about getting a job through your Sugar Daddy, remember that you’re doing the work in the end. Sure, your Daddy may have introduced you to someone who got you a job, or passed your resume to his friend who’s the CEO of an amazing fashion brand, but it’s your skills that are going to finish the job. Besides, if your Daddy didn’t think you could kill it, he would never have offered to help you get the job in the first place.

He’ll Be Happy To Help

You should never feel nervous asking your Daddy for help in your career. Most Sugar Daddies are excited to be a positive influence on your life and love being a mentor. Although they love spoiling you and taking you on trips, a good Sugar Daddy will also want to see you succeed so that you can eventually make your own money (on top of his, of course).

You Can Use The Connections For Future

Even if you’re not looking for a job right now and are busy spending quality time with your Sugar Daddy, you never know when you might want to focus on your career. Never shy away from a networking opportunity because you never know when you may need that connection! Try to keep track of professionals that you meet in your field. If you can’t get their cards, see if you can find them on LinkedIn or even Instagram just to keep tabs on who you’ve met.

While a career might not be on your mind while you’re on shopping sprees and flying to exotic islands, you’ll want to be prepared for it later. There’s certainly no harm or shame in using your addy as a connection. He’ll likely be happy to help you out and you can likely learn a lot from him as well. Now go out there and be the boss bitch that you are!