Sugar Daddy Communication Styles

By NobodysWife

Jan 23, 2018

Are you constantly on your phone that is never further than arm’s reach? Often adding extra padding behind your bra, down your boot, or in your pocket? Tirelessly buzzing, beeping, and ringing? Are you a master of the modern world with the technology at your finger tips to reach anyone at any time? Are you stumped as to how to communicate with your SD, who didn’t even have a cell phone until he was older than you are now? Here are some clues for those of us who might not even remember what a dial tone sounds like. These are Sugar Daddy communication styles.

What is Your Sugar Daddy’s Preferred Medium?

Does Daddy check text messages like e-mails, once every few days? Does he read maps instead of plugging in a GPS? Or is he head of a technology company and able to teach you a thing or two? Everyone adapts to technology in different ways. Some catch on instantly and some never do at all. Once you’ve moved past messaging on SA, it’s time to figure out the best way to keep in touch with your Daddy.

For a lot of SDs it’s email. This can be for several reasons. For some, texting just isn’t part of their world. E-mail is as far as they went with modern communication. With a Daddy like this, you can enjoy the romantic allure of exchanging electronic letters.

For some e-mail is best because of discretion. No one can trace their phone history or see that they have a new number they’re receiving more than a casual amount of correspondence from. Often in these cases e-mails will be short and sweet just like a text.

And some will happily keep your phone buzzing with their agile thumbs in the manner in which you are accustomed to.


Timing is Everything

After you figure out how to reach your Daddy, it’s time to figure out how often and how much.

Is Daddy reminding you of an actual parent who thinks you’ve been kidnapped or fallen under a bus if you don’t answer him within five minutes? Or your first boyfriend who thought you were ready to break up with him every time you took some time for yourself or just didn’t text back right away? Or does Daddy leave you hanging as he jets off to a business meeting in Shanghai?

A retired Daddy will probably have more time for communication and be more flexible as to how it goes. While a Daddy who still works and/or has a young family might need you to adapt more to his schedule and style of communication.

Discreet Communication

If one of his main concerns is being exposed through his phone bill, suggest using an app. You could use a couple’s app where you can message and send photos privately. Or an app such as Textfree, where a new number is created for you to use that isn’t part of your phone plan.

When in Doubt, Ask

Not sure where Daddy is at? Ask him.

“Is it ok for me to text you on this number at any time?”

“Do I need to be discreet when messaging you?”

“How do you prefer I get ahold of you?”

“Are you wanting us to communicate regularly between dates?


Your Needs

It may feel like Daddy has most of the power when it comes to communicating, but make sure the communication is healthy for both of you. He shouldn’t be expecting you to leave the auditorium mid-lecture when he calls even if you haven’t heard from him in a week. And he shouldn’t be asking you for constant check-ins of where you are at and what you are doing. He also shouldn’t be leaving you hanging until the last minute about the details of your next date.

Also take into consideration is the amount of time you spend on him between  dates. Do you regularly have lengthy phone conversations? Are you adjusting your schedule to him even outside of dates? Are you spending more time and energy on him than you expected? It might be appropriate for you to ask for a larger allowance or set firmer boundaries.

Whatever the situation is, make sure it is meeting your needs as well as his. Check in with yourself on a regular basis and use your intuition. You should both be having fun and enjoying each other’s company. And don’t be scared to communicate about communication.