When Your Sugar Daddy No Longer Makes You Happy

By David Montrose

Jun 09, 2016

So you are in a Sugar arrangement and it has been going strong for a few months, but you are starting to feel restless again, as if something is missing. What do you do? Let’s take it from the top: Sugar dating in my opinion is just like a regular dating situation, but with a slight twist, therefore different factors might weigh in. Here are some things to consider when your Sugar Daddy no longer makes you happy. 

Determining Seriousness of the Relationship 

A Sugar relationship tends to be more short term and generally NSA. It really depends on how much each party has invested already and how easy it would be for your Sugar partner to be replaced. If he can be easily replaced, then perhaps there is no need to keep fighting to keep him.

While we are talking about keeping a relationship going, you have to decide if your SD is still a ‘keeper’. There are many ways that a Sugar relationship can start feeling a bit stale and each requires its own analysis and response. Let’s take a closer look:

  • Financial and material issues

Given the fact that the premise of these relationships is one of mutual benefits, any ruffled feathers in this regard could spell the end of the liaison. How much are you relying on the SD for your livelihood? Is he providing a substantial part of your income (say,paying your entire rent otherwise you would be homeless)? In that case the decision is quite clear, it’s probably best to find a way to keep the arrangement going so you don’t end up in a desperate situation.

However, if your financial circumstances are not so dire then you may to talk to him very openly and honestly and and let him know you are no longer satisfied with the arrangement. Perhaps an upgrade in your allowance could help reignite the spark. If he isn’t open to finding new ways to delight you, it might be decision time.

  • Personality issues

After a few months in an arrangement the two of you are probably settling into a nice routine, but what if he starts to change. Has he recently become more possessive? Has he taken a supposedly causal relationship (at least in your mind) and inserted a more serious tone to it? Has he entered the boyfriend zone? Perhaps that was not your intention when you first started seeing him, but here you are now.

  • Sexuality issues

Sex is obviously a big part of any dating relationship. Perhaps you are finding that the spark is gone. Or perhaps the SD is into a certain ‘kinkyness’ in the bedroom that is outside your comfort zone. Say for example the SD is into dominance and the Sugar Baby isn’t comfortable with these kinds of activities. Once again the sugar baby has to decide if this is worth salvaging

Decide if You Want a Traditional Relationship

So you have a decision to make; is he boyfriend or husband material? Do you mind having a serious relationship with someone who is quite a bit older than you? Do you care what society says when everyone sees you out with a man who might be twice your age? If you cringe at the thought of seriously dating an older man then this might not be worth continuing. Additionally, if he is becoming possessive or clingy it is definitely time to establish some boundaries and if he isn’t willing to respect them it’s time to hit the road.

The bottom line is If your Sugar Daddy no longer makes you happy, you need to carefully weigh the pros and cons of this relationship and decide what is important to you. Once you have reached your decision, don’t look back. 

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