Sugar Date Preparation

By Sugar Experts

Sep 03, 2015

You’ve been talking to someone who seems great and you’re feeling optimistic about a potential arrangement. Now the true test­ the first date! We’re talking about must haves for whenever you leave the house and how to subtly get the most out of each date. Yes, we’ll cover the best type of conversations for an allowance.

The Must Haves

Gum, silky chapstick, perfume and cash are standard purse items but you can be even more prepared when on a Sugar date. Always have a portable phone charger. It’s a failsafe so you don’t have to worry about your phone dying on you. Another unique item is a Square. The Square is a small credit card reader that you can plug into your phone and download an app for. This allows you to receive Sugar funds on the spot via credit card. This way your taxes are accounted for and there’s no need for cash.

When meeting someone for the first time, it’s important to stay safe. A little pepper spray key chain is only about $10 and is perfect for peace of mind. Not that you should need it for your date, but going out looking hot is always a risk, so be prepared on the defensive. With all this in your bag, bring a collapsible purse hook. Never leave couture on the floor.

The Conversation

A date with a Sugar Daddy usually means a mature guy, so Instagram and partying talk won’t portray you in a flattering light. Here are some appropriate conversation topics:

  • Hobbies: Tell him yours of course, but also ask about his. Interests are neutral ground and ideal for getting to know one another.
  • Food: Discussing your meal or restaurants is a perfect topic. Rich men love to eat well, and like a woman who can keep up.
  • Careers: Always ask about his career and what it means to him, since the guys on SA are likely to be business men who care a great deal about their professional life. Talking to him about your goals is where a mentorship gets started.
  • News: Current event knowledge shows compassion and maturity, and is likely a gold mine of dialogue.

If you find yourself heading toward these topics, change the course of conversation for your sake and his:

  • Finances: Don’t talk about being broke, or needing money. That should not be the only reason you’re on the date
  • Past relationships: Leave the past in the past. Period.
  • Politics: Anything that you two could easily disagree on is a red zone. Leave life’s big debates for another time, when you’ve gotten to know them better.

If you expect an allowance, that needs to be discussed before the date. Ask him if he’s open to an allowance arrangement if you hit it off, and how much expendable income he has for you. On a first date, don’t expect to receive any funds since you two just met. If he wants to give you a gift or some cash, he will. Don’t act entitled or expect it.

The next day you can circle back around and see what he thinks of a cash gift. Remember, Sugar Babies aren’t being paid, they’re being spoiled! And there’s no shame in that.

What do you bring on a Sugar date?