Sugar Dating versus Traditional Relationships

By ErinIncognito

Mar 08, 2016

After a drawn-out divorce, a couple of failed dates, and serious boredom with traditional relationships, I jumped on the single train. I was tired of mediocre relationships. I was craving something more, I just didn’t know what it was until I began Sugar Dating.

Downside of Traditional Relationships

Relationships all looked the same to me. At first, the couple was all giddy and couldn’t get enough of each other. They would refuse to sleep because they wanted to talk as much as possible. They didn’t want to hang out with anyone but their newly found lover. They would withdraw from their friends, suddenly only liking what their lover liked and only doing what they did.

But, after five dates or so, the guy would stop impressing the lady. The flowers didn’t come anymore, the random “this made me think of you” texts stopped showing up, and the dates went from nights of dinner and romance to Netflix and Dominos. Girls stop dressing up as much and would introduce their man to their first love – sweatpants. Not to say that every relationship is like this, but I experienced my fair share and witnessed several others that all showed the same pattern.

The Cycle

I entered a relationship with someone that made me second-guess my own conclusion. It was someone I met through work that lived eight hours away from me. Every time we would work in the same area, there would be a date to somewhere romantic. I experienced new things, I ate at the best restaurants and saw amazing sights. He sent me flowers when we were apart to remind me that he was thinking of me. I could feel myself falling into the same cycle, so I started backpedaling, waiting to bring out the sweats. My conclusion was only proven right. The flowers stopped coming, the romantic dates turned into Arby’s and a movie, and the boredom set in.

I couldn’t help but wonder if I just had to live with the cycle or if there was another way to enjoy the company of a man. I found myself wondering more often than not about what was missing.

Entering the Sugar Bowl

Finally, I was introduced to Sugar Dating. My first reaction about Sugaring was that I would never do this. But, two facts kept bringing me back to it: I was broke and enjoyed the company of men who were more established in life. I read some blogs that dismissed some myths that I believed in and dove in.

I signed up for some websites and quickly found there was a downside to Sugar dating- the search. After going through the countless guys who are “salty”, I found a few short terms then finally stumbled upon the perfect one. As much as I want to go into details about my amazing Sugar Daddy, I’ll have to save that.


This is a key component missing from most relationships. The man invests in the women with his time, energy, money, etc. The woman invests in the man with her time, affection, and presence. It creates this ongoing cycle that doesn’t stop. It’s not conditional when it’s done right. My gifts/trips/allowance don’t get held up because I can’t meet one week. It’s two people investing in each other. I have found that older men know how to invest in a woman’s life and wellbeing.

The guessing game in traditional dating is a bore. With the right Sugar Daddy, there is no such thing as wondering where it’s going. Everything is laid out. That’s why it is called an arrangement. You specify your terms, and if they don’t match his, both parties move on. You find your fit and when you do, you start investing.

Every Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby have their reasons for diving into the lifestyle. Every one of them (the true ones) just want to spoil and enjoy being spoiled. It all starts with a proper investment.