Sugaring When Your Daddy Has Other Babies

By Heather P

May 08, 2017

Sugaring is hard enough as it is. SeekingArrangement has a much higher proportion of women compared to men. It’s only natural that your Sugar Daddy may want to have more than one Sugar Baby. But Sugaring when your Daddy has other Babies is not actually as hard as you might think. In fact, it may be an ideal arrangement for a Sugar Baby who is less dependent on allowance.

Things That Are Necessary to Know

Set up a meeting to go over an allowance schedule. This way you will know that any income you are expecting will be received. It also allows you to plan your schedule in advance. You may not be able to have a schedule that is completely set, but being able to have an idea of what to expect will make life easier for you, your Sugar Daddy and even his other Sugar Babies!

Degrees of Separation

Decide how much separation you want from his other Sugar Babies and talk about it. If you would like to have his other relations be completely separate from your arrangement, make sure you establish that. If you’re open to having an open arrangement, take advantage of the benefits that come with it! You’ll make really great friends/ Sugar Sisters.

Despite making new friends, don’t let yourself be the “other” Sugar Baby. Make sure you’re keeping your Sugar Daddy on his toes so that he has a reason to keep you around.


First and foremost, you must think of the glass as half full. Having a Daddy with more than one Sugar Baby allows you a bit more flexibility in regards to time. You may meet a lot less often as a result of him having other Sugar Babies. The other benefit is that more than likely you’d also have the ability to pursue other relationships.


You may not get as much in allowance or gifts as a result of your Sugar Daddy having other Sugar Babies. You’re also at risk of being ignored, dropped, or mistaken for another one of his Sugar Babies during sex. If you’re looking for a Sugar Daddy who can mentor and/or provide stable financial support, it would probably be best to avoid a Sugar Daddy that has other Babies.

My Experience

My personal experience being a Sugar Baby sharing a Daddy with other Sugar Sisters was great! There were three of us and I was the newest at the time of the arrangement. It was fun because we traveled together when our Sugar Daddy brought us on trips, and even shared funny stories about our experiences with him. By making us aware of each other, we felt better about our Sugar Daddy’s honesty. It was also great having other girls to hang out with while our Sugar Daddy was busy. Although I am generally open about my Sugar Lifestyle, it’s hard to explain to most people so it was really nice having other girls around that totally related to me! I ultimately decided that I wanted a Sugar Daddy who had a bit more flexibility and willingness to mentor me but I certainly enjoyed the new experience.