Sugaring with Multiple Sugar Daddies

By Brielle

Sep 01, 2018

When one daddy just isn’t enough…

If you’re reading this, you’re probably aware of how the sugar baby lifestyle works or at least have an idea. If you have a daddy, he can sometimes be a handful even if you’d never admit it.

But what if you have more than one daddy? What if you have multiple daddies? That’s when sugaring can get complicated.

First of all, why would any baby want more than one daddy, let alone multiples? Quite simply put, it’s an insurance policy. Our daddies can be loving and generous. They can also be fickle and there’s no guarantee that even if he’s the perfect daddy for you, that he’ll always be there.

That’s where the multiples come in. Some babies choose to keep several daddies in their little sugar book as a backup in case one or two flake out.

So if you choose this lifestyle, what should you expect? Well, my first bit of advice is to keep various methods of payment on hand. Preferably one for each of them if possible so you won’t get allowances mixed up. Use different credit cards or prepaid cards for each of them if possible. If you can’t obtain one yourself, have your daddies get your credit cards in your name. Also, be sure to have at least two bank accounts on hand because a lot of daddies prefer bank accounts.

A very good tip I’ve learned is to have two planners. One for your everyday life and one for your sugaring life. You will need them because you need to document allowance days and their method, dates, vacations, anniversaries, and business trips.

If you can, keep two phones; one for your family and one for your daddies. That way, you can keep your personal life separate from your sugaring life.

Besides the dating aspect, how do you deal in your own life with this lifestyle? You take time out for yourself; go to the spa, the gym, go shopping, even just sitting outside or going for walks. Leave your daddy phone at home in a place no one can find it (if you live with family like a spouse) and clear your head.

Remember, sometimes you will be very busy. They will demand your attention at once. You have to schedule time with them. I’ve found that it helps to send each one a copy of your generic schedule with the dates you have chosen. The both of you can figure out the details of the date or vacation.

An important aspect of this lifestyle to consider is will you tell the others and maintain an open relationship or choose to keep it on the down low? Some daddies just do not want to share and in that case, you have to delegate time and keep each one from knowing about the other.

It can be trying and It isn’t for everyone. But if you find the right groove, it can be a very satisfying arrangement.