The Sweet Aftertaste of a Sugar Date

By NobodysWife

Apr 15, 2018

When I first started Sugaring, I wasn’t sure how it would make me feel. Would I feel objectified? Compromised? Pressured? Was Sugaring even a good idea? I soon realised that there was a reason I was attracted to the lifestyle and had been considering it for some time. Sugaring makes me feel oh so sweet in so many ways. If you don’t taste any sweetness after a date, you may not be in a suitable arrangement for you. This is how I experience the sweet aftertaste of a Sugar date.


I am lavished with compliments. These compliments do include ones based on my physical appearance. However, they are far from limited to them. Because of the open and expedited nature of this style of dating the compliments all seem extra genuine. In vanilla dating sometimes compliments seem to come with ulterior motives. Here all motives are clear from the beginning making compliments extra sweet.

During our conversations, I feel heard and understood. Without the need for standard vanilla dating small talk, there is no need to beat around the bush. Conversations end up more intimate and in-depth sooner. With the men I have Sugar dated being older, educated, and very well mannered, the conversations leave me feeling truly listened to and appreciated.


I know the Sugar Daddies on SeekingArrangement have the far greater choice than the Sugar Babies. When a Sugar Daddy chooses to spend his time with me I feel valued. I feel valued for my education, my personality, and my opinions and taste. And when I am given gifts and financial assistance I feel valued for my time. I feel valued for the work I put into myself as a human being. And also for the effort, I put into the relationship. I feel worthy of being taken care of. In addition to that, I feel valuable enough for someone to want to do so. I believe that Sugaring should make you feel of value and not the opposite.


I have never felt pressured to do anything I wasn’t comfortable with. That goes for sexually or otherwise. The Sugar Daddies I have encountered have all been respectful of my sexual boundaries. That also goes for my desire to take things slow. My Sugar Daddies have ultimately wanted to please me. They have worked to help me feel as comfortable as possible. I have always been asked where I feel comfortable meeting. I am able to select a public place of my choice. If I have to drive a fair distance, weather conditions and time of day are taken into account by the Sugar Daddy. I have been put up for the night with no expectations after a meet and greet so I didn’t have to drive home in the dark on winter roads.

A Sugar Daddy who respects himself will respect you too. He will never try to force you into anything you’re uncomfortable with. Sometimes desires will not align and the relationship won’t work out.  I have always parted ways amicably under such circumstances.


When someone shares their deepest desires, concerns, and dreams with me, it makes me feel special. I feel honored that someone has chosen to confide in me. And when things do end up in the bedroom, it is hard to verbalize the feeling of warmth and sweetness that passes over me. It touches me that someone allows themselves the vulnerability of entering dreamland and snoring next to me. Their wallet, their secrets, and themselves all laid out peacefully before me.

If you feel like your Sugar Daddy doesn’t trust you, perhaps things aren’t going as well as they could be.


I get taken to restaurants of my choice. Not only that, I am asked what I want and need. I feel treated differently than I do in my everyday life. The arrival of the bill never causes tension or comments under the breath about wine prices. Gifts and money are given to me with pleasure and a smile on the Sugar Daddies face. I feel treated with consideration, grace, and a desire to spoil.

Sometimes I wish the financial gift was greater. However other times it is the opposite and I feel extra spoiled. When the financial aspect doesn’t meet my expectations, this is something I have felt comfortable discussing.  If receiving Sugar from your Sugar Daddy feels like pulling teeth, it isn’t true Sugaring.


All of the above makes me feel empowered. I always feel in control of the situation and when I can openly value myself without derogatory connotations being placed on me. I feel freer and more confident than I often do in my vanilla life.

Think about what you want to get out of Sugaring. How does it make you feel? Do you feel sweeter after a Sugar Date? If not, you might want to switch up your profile or change your approach in order to attract what is attractive to you.