The Importance of Authenticity

By Danielle

Dec 20, 2017

Many new Sugar Babies think that they have to put on an act in order to attract a Sugar Daddy. Whether they read it on Tumblr or just have an idea in their head of how the role of the Sugar Baby should be played, they don’t realize that being yourself is the best way to have a happy sugar life. Here are a couple reasons backing up the importance of authenticity.

Sugar Daddies Appreciate Authenticity

A good Sugar Daddy can smell bullshit. He is a businessman after all. He’s likely been on many dates with potential Sugar Babies and he knows how to spot someone playing games.

Moreover, the typical sugar baby stereotype isn’t someone most Sugar Daddies actually want. Most men aren’t into the high-maintenance, bossy attitude. I’ve found that most sugar daddies like me for my authentic, girl-next-door personality, even if it means that my nails aren’t always done and my hair isn’t always perfect. In addition, many women think that they should play it cool and act like they are spoiled all the time. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Everyone wants to be appreciated and everyone wants to impress. So be impressed and be grateful.

Likewise, you shouldn’t wear clothes you’re not comfortable in. Many new Sugar Babies think that you have to wear sky-high heels and tight dresses. It’s much more important to be confident in whatever you’re wearing than to do something that’s just not you.

It Helps You to Form a Connection

Share your passions, interests, and what makes you you. Before your first date, make a list of all the things that are great and unique about you. That way, you’ll be confident enough that you won’t have to resort to being fake. You show your genuine hobbies and interests without resorting to bragging.

Just as importantly, let your interest in him show. Unlike when dating younger guys, you don’t have to feign disinterest in order to seem cool and aloof. Older men don’t like playing games. If you know you have a hard time being vulnerable, have a glass of wine to relax.

Being Yourself and Being Presentable Are Not Mutually Exclusive

You should still be classy. Being yourself doesn’t mean dressing trashy, getting drunk, and cursing like a sailor. You may enjoy these things, but they don’t make up who you are. In reality, they’re bad habits that you should probably grow out of. On the other hand, telling the occasional dirty joke or having an alternative sense of style can still be classy as long as it’s handled well and appropriate for the setting. For instance, if you’re going to a nice restaurant, dress up but add a little bit of your personal style to the outfit, like funky jewelry.

It Will Help You Find the Right Sugar Daddy for You

You won’t be happy in an arrangement if you have to pretend. Sure, it might be fun for a short while to play a part, but if you want a long-term arrangement, it’s not going to work. Just think, if you spend a weekend at his house or go on vacation together, it’s going to be way too hard to be “in character” all the time.

At the end of the day, treat a M&G like any first date. Yes, in a lot of ways he has the upper hand, which many women are not used to. Still, don’t treat it like an interview. Be yourself and make sure you genuinely like him rather than trying too hard to impress. You can’t win over every POT, but you have a better chance of winning over the ones who are right for you if you are true to yourself.