Tips for a Long Distance Daddy

By Julia Jones

May 20, 2019

So, you’ve found the perfect daddy. You two get along, he gives you butterflies whenever he texts you, and he shares the same hobbies as you. He’s basically perfect. But there is only one thing wrong. In order to be with him, you’ve got to face the fact that it will be a long distance relationship.

Long distance relationship sucks (I’ve been in one, I know they do) but the truth is, they can work out if you two are willing to make it (I was, and so was he. We made it work!) even if no one else thinks you can, and trust me you’re going to hear that a lot, you two can make it work. Here are a few ways to make sure it does last.

Use it as a way to focus on yourself

A long distance relationship is an awesome way to make sure that you have time for yourself, your hobbies, and your friends and family. Take the time away as a way to focus on yourself and improving your life or working on your goals

Take the time away from your daddy to really come into who you are as a person, learn to take care of yourself and learn what you love in life.

Don’t Be Obsessed with Each Other

In this day and age of social media and cell phones it can be hard to cling to the idea of texting 24/7 but for the sake of your relationship, don’t do it! Instead of snapping, Facebooking, Instagramming, and texting all the time, take time to tag each other in stuff that you are both interested in or share something that you can both do together; and text when you two are able to (after all, I’m not saying you two shouldn’t communicate) but also understand the benefits of taking time away from talking to each other instead having some sort of communication all day long every day.

Send Him a Sexy Care Package

Make use of the mail system! Send daddy a sexy package that you’ve either made up yourself or that you’ve found online through Etsy or even sites like stag shop and a pink cherry if you want to be able to totally customize something.

Add some lingerie, some new toys to play with, or some props to use with each other and tell him that it’s for when you two see each other next.

Or make him a solo kit with a toy for him, some lube, something to think about you with, and anything else that you want to send that you think he’ll be able to make use of. Let him know that you’re thinking about his pleasure and you want to make sure he has fun, even when you’re not around.

Have Hobbies You Can Do With Each Even When You’re Away

Have hobbies that you and your daddy share! From books to movies or TV shows, give the two of you something to talk about when you’re on the phone and having a hobby together will make the distance seem like a lot less when you two have something that you can connect over

Do Snail Mail

A handwritten letter is a lot of fun to both give and receive! Open When Letters are also an awesome way to spoil daddy on a tight budget and gives him something to look forward to over time as well as right away. It can be a great way to leave something for him to extend the intimacy and it will be something he can look back on for months to come.