Tips for Sugar Gaybies

By Brook

Dec 23, 2015

Sugar comes in many forms, and LGBT arrangements are one of the many variations. Most Sugar Baby advice applies to all genders and sexual orientations, but I do have some specific tips for Sugar gaybies.

Open Honesty

This is important with all arrangements, but especially in the LGBT community where people seeking arrangements may or may not want to be monogamous. Both sides need to be upfront about relationship expectations and how promiscuous they want their partner to be. This is a no brainer, but everyone should be wearing protection either way.

Tops and Bottoms

We’re talking fashion here. You may want to dress conservatively for the first date. Most Daddies want discretion, so flamboyance paired with a sequin jumper probably isn’t the best route. Look classy, put together, and polished to avoid attracting the wrong kind of attention!.

Closet Coordination

We’re not talking fashion here. Choosing an arrangement over a traditional relationship might mean that he’s not openly gay. Be extremely careful when approaching the topic, and always use discretion, like not calling or texting first.


For many gay men, this is a very important part of a relationship. Without making him uncomfortable, or being too blunt, ask if sexual position preference is important to him. Some men might not want to be intimate at all, but if you don’t match in the bedroom, it might not work out.

Cunning Conversationalist

Being talkative and having meaningful things to say are not one in the same. With older men, the conversation should be mature. An easy discussion topic to start with is wine or art. Learn about these two things, and you’ll always have a “jumping off point to start negotiations.”

Broaden Your Horizons

Since there are not as many LGBT as heterosexuals, the search pool in your area is likely smaller than the average Sugar Baby. Mix up your location, or set your radius wider when using the search function on SeekingArrangement to maximize results.

Good luck! The Sugar Gods are on your side!