Tips for Valentine’s Day with Daddy

By Deena

Feb 12, 2016

Like a shooting star, January has come and gone faster than Kim Kardashian’s marriage to Kris Humphries. This month however, you know is very special because Valentine’s Day is coming up. Usually it’s you, and your bottle of wine watching Lifetime movies, or streaming Netflix (No? that’s just me? #noshame), but this Valentine’s day you have found yourself with plans to spend some sweet time with your Sugar Daddy. Here are some tips for Valentine’s Day with Daddy.


Whether you are platonic with your Sugar Daddy, or romantically involved, nothing is wrong with a little housecleaning… After all, when you look your best, you’ll feel that way too.

  • Get a wax a few days in advance so you’re feeling silky smooth. If you’re traveling with your Daddy, then you won’t have to worry about packing those pesky razors or bottles of shaving cream and Nair, and are able to save space for the more important stuff, like another pair of shoes, or maybe an extra cute outfit.
  • Hit the salon at least a day in advance to make sure your hair and nails look flawless for the evening.
  • Moisturize every single day and keep that skin looking healthy and beautiful.

Dress for the Occasion

Whether you’re hosting your Sugar Daddy for the night, or painting the town red, it is always best to be best dressed for the occasion.

  • For those of you going out to eat, find reviews of the place, and try to gauge the dress code and find an outfit where you will look fabulous in and fit in with the environment of the place. *This is a perfect opportunity to ask your sugar daddy for a little moolah to buy a new outfit*
  • For those of you staying in for a romantic evening, an outfit that is equal parts comfort, and special occasion is a great crossover to be relaxed and still look great.

Gifting Advice

What to get the man that has everything…. probably the same question you ask yourself every time you try and get him a present…

  • Make it fun: Get him some boxers with hearts on them, or something silly long those lines for a good laugh. An added bonus is if you find a pair that match for yourself.
  • Make it personal: Most men love things that are engraved, find something small that you’ve noticed that he would totally get used out of and get it engraved, be it a wallet, a watch box, antique shaving kit, whatever you can think of.
  • Whether you go out or stay in, make some homemade desserts for him to take home so he can have something sweet to remember you by after the festivities are over.
  • Make it relaxing: These men spend day in and day out being the boss and dealing with daily stresses, grab some massage oils, some scented candles some soothing background music, and you have an instant home massage kit.
  • Make it tempting: Lingerie is a surefire way to always have your sugar daddy with  smile on his face. Grab something white, pink or red, and stay in the holiday theme. It probably won’t stay on for long, but he will surely enjoy it. 🙂

This holiday is one of the few that some of you sugar babies will be able to properly celebrate with your Sugar Daddy, so put all your problems and drama on the back burner and enjoy your time together.
Cheers to a sweet holiday!