5 Effective Ways to Spice up Your Relationship

By Rachael Pace

Dec 25, 2018

Is your relationship giving you the blues? Does it not have the same spark it used to? Relationships are all about having fun, so naturally, the last thing you want to worry about in your marriage is intimacy issues or a lack of romance.

When you’re in a long-term relationship with someone, even great sex can start to feel a little routine. You know each other like the back of your hand. You can predict what your spouse is going to do inside and outside of the bedroom like you own a crystal ball.

If you’re feeling blah about your marriage these days, don’t worry. Your bump in the road is nothing a little romance and planning can’t fix. Here are the five best ways to spice up your relationship and bring the romance back into your marriage.

Date Nights

One of the easiest ways to boost romance in marriage is through a weekly date night. This is an evening that gives you and your man the opportunity to go back to dating and act like you’re at the beginning of your relationship again. Dress up fancy, have him open doors for you, and go out to your favorite restaurant or club.

Research done by The National Marriage project shows that regular date nights can boost romantic love and is strongly linked to sexual excitement and monogamy. In fact, couples who had a regular date night were more likely to stay together for life than those who don’t.


Communication is one of the best qualities a couple can share. The more willing you are to be open and honest about issues in your relationship, the happier you will be. Being able to communicate will help you learn how to problem solve effectively and avoid misunderstandings in your relationship. Communication is about more than just resolving arguments.

Talking about future goals and dreams will help you and your spouse get to know each other better and align your futures. Talking about sexual desires can also help boost intimacy and give you a more satisfying sex life.

Comfort Zone

Naughty texts are a simple way to heighten sexual anticipation with your spouse. Something as simple as “I can’t wait to see you later.” or a suggestive photo of lingerie laying on the bed will build a flirty dialogue that will have him itching to get home to you.

Are you having intimacy issues because of boredom? Monthly intimacy boxes are another great way to get your sex life back in action. These boxes feature fun games and help couples act out fantasies. Acting out fantasies is another great way to boost up your sexual connection to your spouse. Whether you meet at a bar and pretend to be flirty strangers or go right to the bedroom and play “naughty nurse and patient,” fantasies and roleplaying are both great ways to excite your man.

Physical Contact

One way you can spice up your relationship is with physical intimacy—but not that kind! For this step, you’re going to be going back to basics. Holding hands, cuddling, giving backrubs, caressing, and kissing on the face or hands is strongly related to partner satisfaction. The more touchy-feely you are with your partner, the stronger your connection will be.

Science backs up this theory that physical touch improves romance in marriage. Studies show that the oxytocin hormone released during physical touch can increase trust in romantic partners. It also reduces stress and promotes bonding between partners.


One sure-fire way to boost romance in marriage and banish intimacy issues is by looking for ways to compliment your man. Tell him how sexy he looks, talk about how much his body turns you on, and don’t forget to list his amazing personality traits as well.d

Why bother, you might ask? According to research, the relationships that flourish the most are ones where partners expressed gratitude toward one another on the regular. Another great way to compliment your man is in the bedroom. Men respond well to positive encouragement. When he does something that you like, let him know!

Not only will this sexy communication boost his ego, but it’s also been shown to boost relationship quality and sexual satisfaction.

Don’t let the spark fizzle out in your relationship. Communicate about sex and everything in-between, banish intimacy issues with physical contact, pay special attention to planning date nights and be more complimentary toward your spouse.