Top Reasons To Join The Bowl

By Brownsugarbaby

Apr 18, 2016

Massive shopping sprees, fine dining, jewelry, monthly allowances, and trips to exotic locations – these are just some of the perks of the Sugar lifestyle. After doing some extensive research and talking to other SBs, I came up with the top three reasons why Sugar Babies join the Bowl.    


Statistically, a majority of SBs on SeekingArrangement are students, many of whom hold part time jobs while in school. However, for some, this can be quite stressful and a nearly impossible workload to manage. Personally, during my first year of college I was working a lot while being a full-time student and it got to the point where I didn’t have time to enjoy my hobbies or spend time with my friends and family. My grades fell, and I realized that I better look into alternatives.  

I wanted more flexibility with my time. I’m using my attractiveness, intelligence and personality to reach personal goals; I’m taking my power back. Fast money buys time: It gives me the freedom to travel and it also allows me to be able to save money.

Experienced and Mature Men

Although dating younger can be fun and exciting, typically when begin dating older men (or SDs), they are more established and intellectual and can provide stimulating conversation. Plus, older men are less likely to make inappropriate jokes that will lead to fights and they won’t force you to hang out with their fraternity brothers. Instead, he is more likely to invite you to quiet evenings filled with fine dining and insightful conversations.  

Enjoy The Lifestyle

There are many SBs who join the Bowl simply because they wanted to experience a luxurious lifestyle. While there’s this idiotic notion that you must be suffering economically for you to begin Sugaring, it’s more about taking opportunities to better yourself and broaden your horizons. Some Babies come from well-off families, have inheritance or steady income and are already accustomed to a certain lifestyle, so joining the Bowl is natural.

I guess you could say I started sugaring because I wanted to, not because I needed to.


The truth is, each of us have gone through journeys that has lead us to the Sugar lifestyle, and each of those reasons might be specifically unique to us and our situations.  Some of those reasons might be common and you might have even heard of –such as help with tuition, or just the attraction to the lifestyle.