The Truth About Platonic Arrangements

By JadeSeashell

Nov 23, 2017

You know what an arrangement means if you have been reading content on this website for quite a while.  That being said, you aware of arrangements without sex?  Yes, they do exist in this modern world.  Here are some types of arrangements that don’t involve sexual intercourse at all. I want to share with you the truth about platonic arrangements.


Gala Daddy

Matthew is a 70-year-old sugar daddy with multiple successful businesses across the country, and he doesn’t plan to retire in the near future because he is an energetic man.  His arrangement with sugar baby Vicky doesn’t involve sexual intercourse – Vicky accompanies Matthew to dinner parties and functions frequently.  Vicky is a 21-year-old university student studying fashion design, so she is an artistic, attractive and fashion-conscious woman who knows how to look after herself.  No matter where they go, people oftentimes envy Matthew because he always goes to functions and dinner parties with Vicky, a gorgeous, sexy and smart young woman.  Indeed, Vicky makes Matthew look really good!  No wonder they attract a lot of attention.  Their arrangement goes very well as Vicky is a gourmet – she loves good food and great wine.  And of course, Matthew and Vicky genuinely enjoy each other’s company.

Investor Daddy

George is a high-profile business consultant in his 60s who works with a variety of well-known companies in the US and the UK.  He met Kate on a sugar daddy dating website.  Because George is married, he doesn’t want to have a physical relationship with Kate, but he truly likes Kate, a beautiful sugar baby in her early 20s.  Their friendship became an arrangement as Kate is often on George’s arm at dinner.  Kate has a very outstanding quality: She likes to talk about topics that men are interested in.  Therefore, George finds her very fascinating – Certainly, when those interesting things come out from her luscious, soft and feminine lips, Kate is a really intriguing woman.  George is also Kate’s mentor in her career.  Now George not only gives her business advice, but also invests in Kate’s new company.  Obviously, their arrangement has a solid foundation, i.e. mutual benefits.


Chatty Daddy

Henry is a 48-year-old sugar daddy whose interest is to have intelligent and interesting conversations with hot women.  Therefore, his sugar baby Vivian is there to talk to him only.  They go to fancy restaurants and cafes to talk with each other.  Vivian is a university lecturer who teaches English Literature and Creative Writing; as a result, she is very cultured, sophisticated, knowledgeable and well-educated.  Henry and Vivian discuss everything, from Lady Chatterley’s Lover to Fifty Shades of Grey, from Sons and Lovers to Twilight, they can keep talking for hours and hours….


Movie Daddy

Frank, a 55-year-old sugar daddy, is seeing a 20-year-old sugar baby called Christine.  Their arrangement is best characterized by watching movies and having dinners at home.  Frank lives in New York City most of the time, but he also has a house in Los Angeles.  He goes to Los Angeles once a month.  When he is in L.A., he catches up with Christine.  The most interesting part of their arrangement is whenever they are watching a movie at home, Frank asks Christine to dress up like the actress in the movie.  Last month, when they were watching Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Christine was wearing a little black dress.  This month, when they were watching Love in the Afternoon, Christine got a new haircut.  Honestly, Christine is an elegant lady who talks and moves like Andrey Hepburn.