Unique Destinations With Daddy

By Trina

Jan 12, 2017

While traveling with Daddy may be fun, many times if you happen to go on a business trip, you end up wandering on your own. There is nothing wrong with this, as it’s simply another way to enhance and educate yourself–but sometimes, going to a care-free, business-free destination with Daddy is just what the doctor ordered. Though cost never seems to be an issue when traveling, sometimes the typical destinations fall short of our expectations. Yes, we want to be whisked away, but we’re also young and energetic. Here are a few recommendations for unique destinations with Daddy.


Okay, bear with me, here. I know it seems a little cliche, but this is a great place to bond in the sense that it will bring you closer. Let’s be real, Disney is expensive! It would be nice to be able to frolic whimsically throughout a park while Daddy foots the bill.

This is a happy medium in the sense that the rides are calm enough for Daddy, but youthful enough for you. Catch a nice dinner at one of Disney’s swanky restaurants and watch the fireworks at night together. The fun part? There are multiple parks, with various types of cuisines, so every day will feel like a brand new destination.

The Atlantis

Located in the heart of Paradise Island, Bahamas lies the crown jewel of tropic resorts–The Atlantis. Aside from being a luxury hotel with aquarium lined walls, 5 star restaurants at every turns and multiple casino areas, it also boasts a large water park that eventually spills over onto the white-sand beach.

Take a tour, jet-ski, take a plunge down “The Leap of Faith,” or head to their nightclub after hours. Daddy can play the tables while you dance your heart out in this mystical water wonderland.

Xcaret Park, Cancun

If you and your Daddy happen to be adventurers, check out Xcaret Park in Cancun. This is a nature/culture themed park, with hiking activities, water trails, and local dances to demonstrate the history and culture of the area.

Aside from staying active all day, you can experience the wildlife of the area and take in the sight of the ancient ruins. Be sure to try the local cuisine and take advantage of the water-related activities.

The Poconos

Are you and Daddy more appreciative of nature? Perhaps you’d like a slow, Sunday morning where you can emerge from a cabin and find yourself perched on a gorgeous body of water?

The Poconos are often overlooked in favor of the Hampton’s, but provide a level of privacy and scenery that rivals even the most exclusive resorts. Grab a chair and watch the sun go down together.

While most of these recommendations are located on the North American continent, there are plenty of other unique destination vacation spots in different areas around the world.

Although luxury and comfort are key, there are plenty of gorgeous sites outside of the United States just waiting to spotted by an adventurous Sugar Baby. Stay tuned for part 2: Unique European Destinations.