Visiting Hong Kong with My Sugar Daddy

By KristinaAfrica

May 12, 2017

Within a few months of being on, I had gone from having no luck with finding a serious SD to enjoying the benefits of being with a good one. I have been with my POT for four months now and I must say he has managed to surpass my expectations – as was the case when I found myself visiting Hong Kong with my Sugar Daddy

When Opportunity Knocks

Recently, my SD called to let me know that he was traveling to Hong Kong on a business trip. He thought it would be nice for me to join him. “Have you ever been to Asia?” he asked. “No, I’ve never travelled out of East Africa.” I confessed.

“Really? Then we must arrange to meet in Hong Kong next week,” he said with a smile. As expected, I said yes and I was absolutely thrilled at the prospect of finally getting to see the rest of the World.

I was glad that I had recently renewed my barely used passport and looked forward to collecting a few stamps in it. With only a few days to the trip, I quickly arranged my hair and nail appointments as well as shopping for a new suitcase.

The Trip

The day of my journey finally arrived and I headed to the airport in the early morning. Throughout the long-haul flight, I could not sleep, as I was so excited to be finally travelling. After the 12-hour journey, I finally got to Hong Kong. Edward had arranged a private airport transfer shuttle to the Shangri-La hotel.

During the taxi ride through the crowded central district, I could feel the jetlag start to affect me but I was still able to admire the modern skyscrapers, huge shopping malls around, and bustling city life all around.

Half an hour later, I checked into the hotel and headed to our suite. Edward was not in but he had left a note saying he was at a short meeting and that he would join me later. Beside the note was a lovely black dress and a gold necklace. After freshening up, I put on the dress, which fit me perfectly and the jewellery complimented my skin tone.

Soon after, my SD walked in. I was so happy to see him after a long time. I literally jumped into his arms and we almost landed on the floor, laughing. After a few passionate kisses, we sat down and talked about how our flights went.

Enjoying Hong Kong

He had arrived the night before and was able to get plenty of rest before his meetings. He asked if I wanted to just rest in but I was eager to experience what Hong Kong had to offer. And with that we went out on foot, walking through streets filled with several Chinese restaurants and shops.

I followed him into a local restaurant, which Edward said served the best duck he had ever tasted. We both ordered the duck and a bottle of red wine to share. It was great catching up again and just enjoying each other’s company.

During the next four days, I toured the small, beautiful island, shopped for a few clothes and shoes and swam in the hotel pool as my POT worked. And even though he was not a big fan of clubbing, I was able to convince him to take me out dancing on one of the nights.

Until Next Time

On the last night, we attended a dinner with his business associates. I felt a bit nervous about meeting them, since they did not explicitly know about us. But the dinner went well and I made sure to look presentable by his side.

Before I knew it, it was time to catch my flight back. Edward escorted me to the airport and we said our goodbyes. He promised to come see me again in a month, depending on his schedule. I felt a little sad to be leaving so soon, but I was happy we both enjoyed our first trip together. But as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end.