What Causes Fights in a Relationship?

Like everything else in life, relationships also go through ample number of ups and downs. When the ups are going be gushing with happiness and the whole world of romance would it up to your heart, however, the downs can be quiet miserable and heart-shattering too.

Most of the downs in a relationship come in the form of fights, but no relationship is to fight free. However, the fights if not controlled or curated properly can be a threat to the relationship itself or may deteriorate the conditions of your relationship.

Every person is different and so is every relationship, similarly, the fights in every relationship are different from other relationship too. Though the fights in every relationship could be different, mostly the fights in most of the relationships originate in certain departments.

You might want to ponder over a few of the reasons where you might also have a few of your issues in your relationship. Let’s learn a few of the causes of the fights in a relationship.

Free Time

While it is very important to take ample time for each other in the relationship and keep all the communication channels open. Sometimes excessive communication and having a lot of free time that you spend only with your partner may not be good for your relationship as it may cause fights. When you have a lot of free time and tend to spend most of it with your partner, it is very much possible that show your frustration and boredom in the form of fights.


Money can be a very serious cause of conflict in not only relationships but also friendships and blood relations. When it comes to money it is very important to have a transparent approach as it can lead to many misunderstanding and miscommunications. From who pays the bills when you go out to if you borrow money from each other, it is important to keep a track of money trail and make sure the not only one partner is overbearing in money front.


For married couples or couples who live together, the amount of housework each partner could be a fight originating from the distribution of housework. If the burden of housework is taken more by one partner than other it could always lead to frustrating arguments and fights. Hence, it is important for a couple to sketch out a system that works out for both where both of them are doing equally in the housework department.

Extended Family

This is one of the major fight causing elements when it comes to external sources. If couples don’t gel well with their in-laws or other relatives, it often causes tension in the relationship. It also sometimes happens that our family member’s opinion about our partner would also affect the way we look at him/her. Hence, it is important to know where to draw lines and let your relationship with your or your partner’s extended family affect your relationship.

To not fight needs some work on your relationship from both partners, it is however not impossible.