What His Cocktail Says About Him

By Trina

Nov 10, 2016

So, you’ve logged onto SeekingArrangement.com, scrolled through various messages, and you finally found a Daddy worth looking into. You’ve strapped on your stilettos, zipped up your dress and fixed your makeup. When you arrive to the cocktail lounge, you spot him, walk over, smile, and introduce yourself. Now, I know that most people make a general assessment within the first 30 seconds of meeting someone. But there’s something simple that will take out the guesswork: what type of drink he orders. Here’s a quick little guide to decipher what his cocktail says about him.

White Russians

If your Sugar Daddy orders a White Russian, he is most likely relaxing in a semi-loose polo shirt, returning from a leisurely golf game, listening to smooth jazz. It’s time to tone down any high maintenance qualities and focus on appearing calm and carefree. This Daddy is not looking for a headache, he’s looking for an escape. Become that manic-pixie-dream girl for him. Need tips? Watch virtually any Zooey Deschanel movie ever created.


There are positive and negative sides to this order. The positives? He is obviously wealthy and knows exactly what he wants. The negatives? It means he’s cocky and making it clear that he holds the cards. If you don’t establish yourself as “something he wants” early on, don’t expect a long-term arrangement from this prima donna Daddy. He has cash that he’s not afraid to flash.

Gin and Tonic

Take a deep breath and relax. This guy is probably tired, over-worked and cuts straight to the chase. He won’t waste your time (or his) by beating around the bush. A man who orders a gin and tonic is not interested in small talk for too long. He’ll know right off the bat if the arrangement will work for him or not. If you can hold yourself well for the first ten minutes, you’re in, Baby!


Hold onto your hat. This man is a risk taker. If you’re looking for a long-term, steady, relationship with a regular allowance, this may not be your man. This Daddy is more likely to take you on adventures, exotic trips, skydiving, Las Vegas, etc. He’s a risk-taker. If you’re looking for one hell of a ride, this is your guy. You just need to show him you’re up to the task.

Glass of Vino

Ordering a bottle or glass of wine means he’s sophisticated, and doesn’t just drink to get drunk. Fortunately for you, wine is delicious and this can open up a conversation about his vino preferences.


Sucking down a whisky sour could mean he’s a traditional Sugar Daddy, and holds the same conversational merit as the wine. Guys who love whiskey love to talk about whiskey, so get him talking. Every Daddy is an expert on himself, and asking questions is a great way to make him feel special and keep him coming back.

Anyone in the Sugar Bowl can tell you that the most important thing is keeping Daddy happy. Next time you head out together, perhaps you’ll remember what he ordered and order it for him. Or next time you get to the bar first, order a drink you know he’ll like.

You also want to show your ability to order a sophisticated beverage. Be sure to do your homework on drinks that wealthy men and entrepreneurs tend to prefer.

So, is your Daddy more of a rebellious Absinthe man? Maybe a laid back “Lebowski,” type? Or perhaps he’s the buttoned-up, conservative Gin and Dubonnet sort? Take these details into account, and eventually there will only be one thing that quenches his thirst more than his favorite drink: you.