6 Ways to Feel More Confident Between the Sheets

By Lerato B.

Sep 09, 2018

Play Solo

Playing with or without toys, helps you get to know what you like and don’t which boosts your self-confidence. With fewer inhibitions, your erotic mind is also easier to engage in making pleasure easier to experience. You also feel more comfortable and connected with your body and can tune in deeper into your body’s response to the erotic play, feeling and experiencing sensations you may not have otherwise experienced before.

Express what you like

Being able to express what you do and don’t prefer in bed is empowering and a huge turn on for your SD. Knowing and saying what you enjoy shows your SD that you are tuned in to yourself and that you have a sensual and erotic side that you value which he will then value just as much, if not more. Ultimately he wants to please you just as much as you want to please him.

Be More Selfish

There is nothing sexier, in the throes of passion than an aroused SB, claiming their pleasure without a single care in the world. Being selfish, in the true sense of the word, allows your desire to deepen, increases the chances of satisfaction and intensifies the pleasure for you and your SD. Be free to indulge your erotic nature within your agreed boundaries and watch him glow with just as much delight.


Cliched as it may be but variety really is the spice of life. Switching things up shows that you are fun, adventures and at ease with your sexuality.
Trying new and different things brings in a sense of fun, novelty, and naughtiness which increases desire and lust.

Experiment with different positions, introduce sex toys, read erotic literature, watch erotic films, share your fantasies out loud, sext in the middle of the day, arrange your dream threesome, foursome or orgy… Whatever takes your fancy to make sure you take it at your own pace and keep talking and checking in with each other throughout the experience.

Get into character

Sometimes the most fun way to lose those inhibitions and enjoy tons of erotic fun is to channel a different character. Dressing up gives you permission and license to adopt whatever personality or character you desire. With that comes a level of freedom and confidence that makes sex less awkward/serious and more fun and fulfilling just as intended.

Ask for direction

Confident SB’s don’t pretend to know it all. Confident SB’s aren’t afraid to ask for direction. They simply ask and listen/watch attentively for the response.
When you know just how your SD likes it, you feel more confident and at ease to not only satisfy but also to be satisfied.

In a nutshell, feeling confident between the sheets helps you release your inhibitions which increases your potential for pleasure and the fun along the fabulous Sugar way.