Advice for Going Number 2 on a Date

By Malia

Nov 13, 2016

We could talk about Salt Daddy behavior and jerks in the Bowl for days on end, but that is not the type of shit I am referring to. Let’s talk about dailies or what needs to happen at least every two days.

Bowel movement, poop, number two, shit, do do, deposit, or whatever you call your waste release. How do you drop the S shape in the sewer system and maintain a seductive, sexy Sugar Baby aura? Here’s my advice for going number 2 on a date.

Shorter Dates

It’s your best option avoid the awkward situation altogether. Try to do it at home, even if you don’t feel like it. Add it to your routine before going to meet a POT. Sit and read if you must. Shower, hair, nails, makeup, clothes and a princess moment on the porcelain throne.

Staying at Dad’s House

The best bet is to use a bathroom that’s far from his bedroom. Consider using one on the other side of the house or on another floor. Or time it with when Daddy is in the bathroom himself, shaving or doing his own thing.


Changes in diet and time zones, stress, and difficulties expelling in unfamiliar settings may get you off track. Constipation can trigger easily so make sure you are drinking lots of water, finding lots of fruits and salads to add plenty of fiber to those heavy restaurant meals.

Just in case, carry a few emergency fiber packets in your luggage. Metamucil powder is a fiber additive mixed into water. There is a type without color or flavor that you can have once a day if you know there might be an issue. You don’t want to get stuck in the restroom while Daddy’s waiting and wondering.

Make some Smooth Move tea for the evening. It’s a mild laxative that works in about 8 hours so you will be ready to dispose in the morning. It tastes like licorice and has a nice smell. Daddy will think you are just sipping a regular herbal tea.


You know it’s going to happen if you travel with a Sugar Daddy. That bathroom is just next to where he sleeps. What to do? Listen to the sound of water. Get the shower on while you do it and do take a shower to be clean and smelling like roses again before you come out of the bathroom.

Using wet wipes or doing a clean up will be vital in keeping yourself comfortable and Daddy oblivious. Just in case daddy surprises you with an intimate move when you get out, you’ll be ready. He most likely won’t notice what you are doing in the bathroom, assuming you just are refreshing yourself.

On the Go

On your purse, make sure to carry baby wipes so you can get a better clean on the reg. The worst that happened to me was using wet toilet paper to clean myself and not noticing a tiny piece sticking to me. Guess Daddy’s surprise was finding the TP later. Not funny. Lesson learned!

As an aside, also note to your SD’s bowel movements. Just because you try to be quiet about it, your Sugar Daddy may not be as prepared. After the fact, he may feel a bit embarrassed or self conscious. Help Daddy get out of those quick thoughts.

If you hear something, pretend you didn’t and put on some music. Or put your earphones on and listen to music while reading or doing some abdominals. Do anything to show Daddy that you were distracted with other sounds and tasks that prevented you from paying attention to the bathroom.

Do you feel comfortable going number 2 with a Sugar Daddy around?