The Ultimate List of Sex Tips

By Julia Jones

May 17, 2019

After hours of research, here it is. The ultimate list of sex tips.

We all know that good sex isn’t just something that we all (or at least most of is) come about naturally. It takes a little research and a little bit of playing around to get a good vibe for what does and doesn’t work well for us and what we do or don’t like (hey, don’t knock anything until you try it, right!) but reading article after article of the same tips can get old, real fast. So here you are. A list of the tried and true tips that will bring your sex life up a notch!

Why are you having sex?

Is it about rough, hot, and dirty sex? Is it all about the orgasm? Is it about intimacy and love? Whatever your reason, it’s a good one! But intimate sex is a lot different than rough sex. Know what you want before going into it. If you want to make love, make love.

Set up a playlist

Set up a sex playlist that you two get down while listening to- then play it in the middle of a drive with all his friends or family around.

Touch your tummy

Touch your belly just below your belly button and apply a little pressure when your daddy slides into you, you should be able to feel his movements and it will feel tighter for both of you!

Try a new position- even if it’s ridiculous

Sometimes a position just seems like it’s made to be a laugh, but there is nothing wrong with laughing during sex! Try new potions at least once a week to see if there is anything that you love or anything that could send you to the hospital.  

Don’t suit up, stocking up!

Keep your socks or stockings on during sex. Not only is it a sexy garment to wear but keeping your feet warm can also help you reach orgasm faster and with more intensity.

Suck his thumb

I don’t know why, but this seems to drive every guy I have ever met wild. Not just guys I’ve had sex with, but whenever the topic comes up, they all agree; it’s hot when their girlfriend sucks on their thumb

Use pillows for their benefit

Pillows are awesome for lifting your head up so you can properly watch Netflix, but they are also awesome for lifting other body parts up as well. Hips, legs, whatever you need a little extra lift on and they can work for both you and daddy.


Let loose and scream. When you relax (and are more vocal about what does and doesn’t work for you) your orgasms are going to be more intense. Plus, screaming his name is hot for both of you.

Make a sexy bet or challenge

This can be as simple as “whoever is right about who wins the hockey game gets head” or as complicated as “Let’s see who can orgasm the most” but a little bit of friendly competition can be fun!

Apparently, there is some stigma about lube?

I read this a few places. What. The. Fuck?

Really, if you’re not having fun with lube already, go out and buy some and see how it changes your life.

Place a finger at his base while he’s inside you

While daddy is sliding in and out of you, make a V with your fingers and place it around his base. It will add a little extra sensation for him and he will love that you are touching his junk!

Kegels, ladies. Come on!

If you haven’t tried them, please do. They really do make your orgasms more intense!

Guys like vibrators too

Well, some do. Not all of them so make sure you ask him before you use a vibrator on him, and remember most guys are sensitive so be careful with them!