A Beginner’s Guide to Foreplay

By Chantal

Mar 09, 2017

No one wants regular, boring sex! When the motions of the ocean start to become mundane in between the sheets, foreplay is the one thing that can take your sex life from mediocre to mind-blowing. Even if you’re new to this, fear not. This is a Beginner’s Guide to Foreplay.

Getting Started

Both you and your SD deserve to explore one another’s sexual inhibitions like never before, and foreplay is the way to do it. However, this is easier said than done, especially when you’re a beginner.

Initiating a little freak before the grand finale can be intimidating and truth be told, not all foreplay is created equal. With this beginner’s guide to foreplay, you can channel your inner Christian Grey whether you’re male, female or somewhere in between. Are you ready?

Think Before You Pounce

As a beginner to foreplay, the idea of doing something out of the ordinary is downright frightening. Change is always scary. So, instead of diving into the motion of the ocean without having a clue as to what you’re doing, plan out the foreplay.

Choose a sexy outfit, decide on the types of foreplay you want to do and run with it. While it’s important to have somewhat of a plan, don’t be scared to go off the beaten path. Allow your preplanned guide to get you through those first couple steps and then let your sexual appetite lead the way.

Practice Your Part

As the saying goes, “Practice makes perfect.” Once you know what kind of sexual deviant you want to become in the bedroom, you can act it out ahead of time to get an extra confidence boost.

The next time you’re home alone, look in the mirror and channel your inner sex kitten – or lion, depending on your flavor. Perfect your seductive face, your soft movements, and even the one-liners you plan on using. Even if you don’t do any of which you practiced, the extra dose of confidence is all you need to turn up the temperature. Confidence is always key.

Start with Simplicity

If you and your SD aren’t used to foreplay, strutting out of the bathroom in a BDSM wardrobe is probably going to throw someone right off the bed – and not in a good way. The secret to foreplay for beginners is to ease into it slowly.

Take your time to feel each other out. Pun intended. Once you’re used to basic foreplay – touching, kissing, sucking, licking –  you can start to implement some new toys and positions into the mix that will really turn up the kink.

Break Down the Barrier

There’s no denying that couples tend to fall into the routine. You take your clothes off, you kiss, you touch, you have sex. It can be hard to switch things up when you’re so used to the same thing. It can be even harder to mention that you want to add some foreplay into the bedroom.

After all, the last thing you want is for your partner to think you’re unsatisfied. However, you both deserve some foreplay. So, you have to break the barrier. The best way to do so is to give yourself some foreplay.

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen. Start playing with yourself and spark the excitement within your partner while slowing down the process of actually having sex. This tip will also teach you how to become more open and vulnerable, which can only work wonders in between the sheets, especially when it comes to foreplay.

As a bonus, playing with yourself in front of your partner sets you up on the perfect path to bring new toys into the bedroom. Men only complain about their women having a vibrator when they don’t get to see them use it. There is always the ability to play around with sex toys for couples.

Watch Porn

It’s as simple as that – watch porn. Sex films are inarguably the best way to learn new tricks to try in the sack. If your partner is up for it, watch it together. Pick a film that appeals to you and then let them do the same.

The secret is to pay attention, not only to the film but to the type of film they choose and their reaction to different acts. This will give you an inside look into their freaky side, allowing you to choose foreplay that appeals to their appetite.

Of course, you don’t want to overlook the sexy secrets hidden in every porno. Take note of the movements, actions, words, and sounds made throughout the film. Then, try them out! You’ll both be ready to go within seconds of turning on a flick anyway. That’s the best part about porn.

Now that you’ve started foreplay, it’s time to pay even more attention than before. This is a pivotal moment within your sex life, and it will pave a new path in the bedroom. So, listen up. Watch your partner’s movements, try new things and see if they let out a louder moan. Feel out the situation in all ways imaginable so you can improve every time the lights go out.

Go ahead, and play around with any sex toy for couples to enjoy a good night while staying it. Whether it’s the womanizer, we vibe or the Satisfyer Pro 2 (my personal favorite), enjoy the fun as a couple!