Being a Bisexual Sugar Baby

By Elle

Jun 25, 2016

When I entered the Sugar Bowl at the young age of 18, I knew I had a decision to make: whether or not to be open with my Sugar Daddy about my sexuality. I normally don’t tell people that I’m bisexual until I get to know them and feel I can trust them. It soon became apparent that many would-be SDs didn’t think it was necessary to wait. I met a number of POTs who asked me if I was willing to engage with other girls—some even asked on the first date! So I was faced with a dilemma: Should I tell them that I’m bisexual, or keep it a secret?

Ultimately, I choose to be open about my bisexuality, due to personal preference. But it wasn’t an easy situation to navigate. Here are a few things to keep in mind being a bisexual Sugar Baby.


Of course your Sugar Daddy wants to have a threesome—it’s the ultimate male fantasy! If you tell him that you’re bisexual, he will very likely ask you to have one. At the very least, he may ask to watch you have sex with another woman. If the idea is repulsive to you, it might be easier not to tell him. You’re in no way obligated to do so, and he’ll be none the wiser.


If you do decide to come out to your SD, gauge his reaction carefully. Chances are that even the most well-mannered gentleman will behave like a rabid dog, at least until the excitement wears off. Many men will harass you to have a threesome with them, or barrage you with explicit questions about your experiences with women. Do not tolerate this disrespectful behavior! If he starts to act like a teenage boy, put your foot down. The two of you should be able to have an open and respectful conversation about your sexuality, and he should give you plenty of time to decide if a threesome is the right choice for you.


Once you make your decision, stick to it. If you’re open to a threesome, tell him that you’re happy to indulge in his fantasy, but make sure that you lay out very clear rules and guidelines. That is, tell him what you’re willing to do, what you’re not, and who you want to do it with. There are many factors you have to consider: What acts are you willing to engage in? What are your hard limits? Will he choose the girl, or will you?

If you aren’t interested in a threesome, tell him so. Make sure that your tone is polite, but be clear that your mind will not change. And of course, always keep it classy. Try something like this: “While I am attracted to women, I prefer to be intimate with only one person at a time.” Remind him that your decision is final, and that you appreciate how he respects your boundaries—be sure to show your appreciation, too!


Remember: you don’t owe your SD a threesome—you don’t even owe him the truth about your sexual preferences. YOU are the only person in charge of your sexuality. At the end of the day, the most important thing is that you’re comfortable. But if you decide that you and your SD are ready to take the plunge, then more power to you—enjoy that ménage à trois!