Bringing Home a Sugar Daddy

By Egan

Mar 08, 2017

So the arrangement is going well and you’re ready to suggest bringing home a Sugar Daddy instead of rendezvous at hotels or on the town. Here’s a quick guide to make the experience go as smoothly as possible.  

Setting the Atmosphere

The first part of setting the atmosphere is inviting him ahead of time. Simply state something along the lines of “I thought it would be fun if we did a low key night at my place.”

The not so fun part about setting the atmosphere is cleaning your space. Use this opportunity to clean the things you’ve been putting off doing and try to see your space through fresh eyes. When you walk in are the counters clean and organized? Is the trash taken out? Is there stuff littering the floor?  

If you don’t have time to deep clean, make sure everything is organized and looks like it’s well cared for. Put clutter out of sight, wipe down counters/mirrors/windows/anything reflective (vinegar is an amazing all natural cleaner). Also, if you have guy friends (like I do) make sure to lift the lid of toilet seat and wipe down any residue your friends left behind. It sounds disgusting (and is) but the last thing you want is Daddy thinking about who else is in your space.  

Ideally have Daddy over in the evening, if your space is less than sparkling candle-light/dim lighting are great for romance and easily cover up areas in need of attention. Also scented candles give a good smell, especially if you own animals or your place is a bit older.

Make a Plan

After cleaning and getting your place ready, have a plan for the night. Maybe it’s cooking together, or dinner and movie, game night, whatever you want have a plan. Having some music playing in the background while cooking together is a nice way to set the night for a relaxing evening. Or you can show off your awesomeness by making dinner for him and letting him kick back and watch your sexy kitchen prowess. Game nights are a fun throw-back way to ease any nerves you may have, or a movie night to cuddle up.

Either way you are going to feel more confident and comfortable if you have some sort of game plan for the night.

Establishing Expectations 

You can either do this directly or indirectly, depending on your preferences.  I prefer directly but I understand how others may not. Before he comes over establish whether or not he’s welcome to spend the night; example: “I’m excited for you to come over, but just fyi I’m not ready for overnights yet” or indirect “I’m excited to see you, we’ll probably have to wrap up by _____; I have class/work/etc in the morning.”

Also remember if you are ever uncomfortable speak up. It’s your space and you make the rules for it.  Only invite a Daddy over when it’s someone you trust. You don’t want person you don’t trust to know where you live.  Have fun and happy hosting!