Debunking Myths That Surround Solo Sex

By Katanna

May 10, 2019

Whether you’re involved an arrangement that involves intimacy or not, it’s likely you engage in a little self-love now and then. Masturbation is completely normal and quite common, even for those in long term relationships, yet it remains a taboo topic. It just so happens that May is Masturbation Awareness month, so what better time to debunk some myths surrounding self-pleasure? Keep reading for the real truth around self-stimulation.

Myth: Masturbation Causes Diseases

Truth: As long as you’re touching yourself with unwashed hands or using a toy that’s been properly cared for, solo-masturbation will not cause disease. In fact, masturbating is the safest route as it prevents unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease. Plus, getting to know yourself down south might even make you more aware of an unusual lump or bump. Believe it or not, self-love and exploration can stregthen your sex life. Through solo-sex, you’ll discover what makes you feel good, then you can relay this message to Daddy when the two of you get intimate and he can do the same.

Myth: Masturbation Causes Premature Ejaculation

Truth: Daddies, you need not worry that pleasuring yourself will interfere with the sex life you’ve got going on with your Sugar Baby. In fact, according to this article, masturbation can actually help you work through your struggles with PE. Solo-masturbation once or twice a day can also help to desensitize your reflex to ejaculate. Keep in mind that a great lover also pays attention to pleasing their partner and if you still aren’t able to last as long as you’d like during sex, a premature ejaculation spray is a quick fix to help keep the lovemaking going. If you’re a Daddy looking to keep things hot in the bedroom, head here to read up on other ways you can improve your performance.

Myth: If You Don’t Do It, There’s Something Wrong

Truth: While masturbation is a great way to explore your body, feels good, and is a natural pain reliever, the truth is, not everyone does it. There are a number of reasons men and women refrain from solo-sex. For example, they may have tried it and find sex with a partner more satisfying. If you’ve given masturbation and self-exploration a fair shot, but haven’t been a fan, that is completely healthy and normal. If you have enough sex with your daddy or SB to fulfill your sexual outlets, you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

Although considered a taboo topic, masturbation is truly a form of self-care. Those who engage feel pleasure, while simultaneously learning about their bodies and discovering what they want out of partner sex. Solo play is just one of the many ways to gain confidence in and out of the bedroom. Communicate with your daddy about your masturbation habits and encourage him to do the same. You may just realize that you can please each other in new ways and further strengthen the arrangement.