Fifty Shades of Sugar

By Sugar Experts

Sep 03, 2015

Where are all the kinky babies at? This episode breaks past the vanilla and delves into what it’s like to date a Daddy with Christian Grey tendencies. We’re talking about­ the BDSM Daddy! Men with money often command power and with power comes dominance, in the office and the bedroom.

Everyone has heard of Fifty Shades of Grey, well we’re covering fifty shades of Sugar. Unlike the movie and book, you most likely won’t be asked to sign an x-­rated contract full of naughty requirements, like the use of collaring or riding crops. Though if you are dealing with a high profile, wealthy benefactor you may be asked to sign a nondisclosure or pre­-dating agreement. This is common in the Sugar world. Remember these aren’t your average joes, these men have reputations to protect.

To better illustrate what it’s like to have an arrangement similar to that of Anastasia Steele, Brook interviews Claire, a high profile Manhattan attorney. Claire, whose built success on her own, also values privacy and remains anonymous but reveals how she found herself living her own 50 shades story. They met on SeekingArrangement, the most used site for men and women looking for an alternative way to date.

“The arrangement was simple: he wanted a submissive woman to be his. He was blatantly attracted to me since I am shy, and kept touching me at dinner. He was looking for a pet.. someone he could take out on the town and then tie up afterwards. I had no idea what BDSM was before him, but I’m glad I was able to explore that.”

Rough sex, choking, tied up in Hermes ties. ­­If any of these terms spark your interest but you’re timid, the dominant Daddy might be right for you. The fact is, BDSM is becoming more common in even the most vanilla relationships. Dominatrix is turning domestic, and you don’t have to be scared if it’s something you want to explore ­ and who better to help you than an experienced man?

Claire currently stays at his loft in Brooklyn while he travels and admits she doesn’t know the future of the arrangement, but if she says the experience has made her more sexually open.

“When you have someone who is willing to take it one step at a time it can be fun and invigorating. He was my boyfriend in public, and my master in the bedroom. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to let go, and he helped me do that.”

The best tip to girls looking for their own Fifty Shades story is this: Relationships are all arrangements. Treat this like finding a relationship with someone who isn’t afraid of kink. Adding a little spice to your Sugar will only elevate the flavor.

Would you ever consider trying BDSM?