Finding Your Market

By Deena

Aug 18, 2016

When beginning your journey as a Sugar Baby everything about it feels exciting. You get to meet new people, you begin to master your conversational skills and much more. However sometimes getting started is difficult and some Sugar Babies become discouraged when their inboxes aren’t immediately flooded with messages.

It’s normal to become frustrated and contemplate whether or not you belong in this lifestyle. When you start doubting yourself, it’s important to remember the motto: ‘there is someone for everyone.’ Here is some advice for finding your market.

Brush off the negativity

Thousands of men and women join sites like SeekingArrangement every day. While it may seem like the negative feedback outweighs the positive, you have to look at the bigger picture. Again, there are thousands of new members daily! So, don’t become disheartened while sifting through the bad apples. While your pride may be egging you on to message these profiles, it’s really just a waste of time. You won’t change someone’s prejudice, so don’t get wrapped up in their negativity.

Change up your home-base

There are some areas that have a tendency to turn Salty. If you seem to be hitting a wall when it comes to good POTs, trying expanding your search radius. Try looking for SDs/SMs the next town over, or even look internationally – great way to start traveling! Places like Europe, the UAE and even Austin, TX are hotspots for SDs looking for Sugar Babies to spoil.

Switch up your style

Sometimes the online method is not the best way to go. When that’s the case, you put on those heels and start freestyling. Great places to search for Sugar Daddies in the wild include: conventions, country clubs, cigar bars and lounges. Face-to-face conversations have a tendency to flow better, so meeting in the wild allows you to skip over some of the hurdles that written messages may present. Freestyling opens you up to a wide array of benefactors that you may never come across online. Give it a try if things become stale.  

You are fearless, fabulous and smart and there is definitely Sugar for you no matter what type of Sugar you are. Find your market and you are sure to reach Sugary success.