How to Date Like an Elegant Socialite Rather Than an Anxious Social Climber

By JadeSeashell

Apr 19, 2019

Traditionally, the high society is best characterized by a wide variety of exclusive social events and parties that only the rich and the famous can join. However, in today’s day and age, you don’t necessarily have to be born in a wealthy family in order to attend upscale events where you can meet rich men.

Go to a Film Festival

Only those who don’t need to worry about their food and shelter would have an interest in activities such as a film festival. Certain events at a major film festival in a big city always attract high-profile men that you should meet because event organizers have to invite local celebrities who aren’t necessarily international movie stars with mainstream fame to attend their events in order to boost the film festival’s profile. Therefore, if you attend an event like that, you will definitely meet wealthy men. Going to such an event isn’t hard, as all you need to do is to book a ticket online in advance.

Yet once you are there, attracting a millionaire man is a skill that you need to master: You’d better arrive at the event early so that the event organizer will have to talk to you first and then introduce you to other guests who arrive later. Also, don’t forget to wear a conversation starter so that men will find it easier to initiate a conversation with you. For instance, more than ten years ago, when I went to an event about the movie My Blueberry Nights, I was wearing a blue dress and a statement necklace with a glass blueberry pendant. I remember almost everyone at the event talked to me first because of my outfit and the necklace.

Filter Men That You Meet

Honestly, not every guy that you meet at an upscale party will be a truly rich guy, so you have to filter them. In terms of filtering men, there are two things you need to find out about each guy: 1) what exactly does this guy do for a living? 2) where does he live? If you know a man works as the CEO of a big company, then you can go to Glassdoor (a website where you can find out someone’s salary) and look at how much money he makes per year. Meanwhile, if you know this guy lives in a wealthy neighborhood, then he is definitely doing quite well. On the contrary, if a man tells you that he is the security guy of Tiffany & Co., then the wealth of Tiffany & Co. has nothing to do with him.

Similarly, a public high school teacher who lives in a poor suburb probably isn’t the dream guy you are looking for. You can find out his answers to your questions naturally by asking these two questions at some stage of the conversation, e.g. you may ask him what he does for a living within the first few minutes when you meet him, and then you ask him where he lives when you talk about why using Uber is convenient to come to this venue. In this way, you are very elegant and won’t look like an anxious social climber at all.

Plant Seeds for a Date

When you are talking to a rich man at an upscale social event, you can plant seeds for a date during the conversation. For example, you are at a movie event and you’ve met a wealthy man. You can say this to him, “Yes, this movie is amazing. And I know there is another movie that’s also amazing – I’d like to see that movie as well. Do you know when that movie will be on, next week or next month?” Now if he likes you, he will find out the answer quickly and will see it as an opportunity to ask you out!

Of course, when you talk to him like that, you must have done some research beforehand because you should only mention a movie that will be on in the local cinema soon so that you can go to see the movie with this wealthy guy.