Intimacy: What to Look for on the First Date

By JadeSeashell

Nov 30, 2018

As a member of Seeking, you can certainly meet many potential Sugar Daddies because the database of Seeking is huge—there are over 10 million members worldwide. Therefore, you are living in abundance and can choose which SD you would like to date. Although allowance and gifts are important, whether you and your SD can enjoy intimacy together is also paramount.

Is He Well-Calibrated?

When you meet a potential SD, you should observe his communication skills because a man who has outstanding communication skills is usually good in bed. In contrast, a guy with terrible communication skills is more likely to be bad in bed. Does he open the door for you when you go to a restaurant with him? When he is talking to you, does he listen to what you are saying? Is he thinking about what makes the interaction enjoyable when he is communicating with you? Can he read your reaction and adjust what he is saying accordingly?

These are all very key elements that give his bedroom secrets away because if a rich man can’t interact with a Sugar Baby well while having a conversation, chances are he is probably also terrible in bed. At the end of the day, sex is the ultimate way to communicate with each other in terms of dating and relationships.

Self-Involved or Truly Generous?

When you are on a date with a potential SD, listen to what he is actually saying. In fact, people are very bad at hiding their truth—sometimes we choose to ignore certain red flags or justify their actions simply because we don’t think we can do better—we want to settle. However, as a high-value SB, you should never settle.

Hence, if the date with an SD feels like a job interview, i.e. he is only trying to figure out whether you can meet his needs and has no interest in making his SB happy, then it’s quite unlikely for him to be good in bed because apparently, sex is something that caters for his needs only. On the contrary, if he also thinks about your expectations and wants to look after you, then you know he is probably good in bed.

Does He Understand Women?

Some SD’s are very knowledgeable—they read a lot, they like studying various topics, they value learning. Nevertheless, some wealthy men only get money from their millionaire parents and have no interest in growth, so they don’t value knowledge and only have a limited understanding of the world. Clearly, the former have learned a lot about female psychology and women’s needs, whereas the latter may have no understanding of women at all. When you go out on a date with a potential SD, ask him these questions in a playful way.

1) When was your last relationship? 2) Why did your last relationship end? 3) What are your future plans in terms of dating and relationships? If he complains about his ex, you know he hasn’t learned his lesson from his previous relationship yet. If he complains about how badly his last relationship ended, you know he probably doesn’t have a good understanding of women and dating.

If he sounds negative when it comes to his future plans about dating and relationships, you know he doesn’t plan to learn more about female psychology—he believes that dating and relationships are all about luck; he doesn’t know that attraction is a skill that can be learned. Thus, someone like that is probably bad in bed.