How To Write an Apology Letter

By Chloe Bennet

Mar 06, 2019

There is no relationship on this planet that’s perfect completely, no matter how good you are with your partner or how much you love each other. There are always going to be some problems and occasionally there are going to be big fights where one of you is upset with the other or where you are both very upset. Not a single relationship is perfect and immune to fights. This is going to happen no matter what.

So, when fights come, you shouldn’t feel like it’s the end of the world and that everything is over. You will be hurt or your boyfriend will be hurt but you need to mend this issue and help each other get back to where you were before the fight. In fact, after you fix the problem and forgive each other, you can be even stronger than before.

If you have made a mistake, you should apologize for it. Sometimes this is going to happen and it’s okay, you are only human.

However, consider writing a nice apology letter where you would say how much you are sorry for what you have done. If you are not a skilled writer, here are some tips on writing the perfect apology letter for your boyfriend:

Acknowledge his feelings

Even if you are not sure what you did or how it upset him, you should still make sure that you have acknowledged his feelings. He should know that you know how he’s feeling and that those feelings are validated and okay. Just because you don’t feel this way or don’t understand it, it doesn’t mean that he isn’t right or that what he’s feeling isn’t real. You can’t tell him that he isn’t right to feel this way, you will jeopardize your relationship far more than any fight ever did.

He should be able to trust you and feel safe with you. If you want to improve your relationship, you should learn how to do this and use this in your letter.

Explain how you want to make it right

“If you don’t show him how you plan on fixing that problem you have created, your apology will seem empty and pointless. No apology will be enough if you don’t have an intention of fixing what you’ve broke,” says Anna Fields, relationship expert at Simple Grad & Big Assignments.

If you want to avoid these situations, you need to come up with good solutions to fix them, you are not doing anyone any good. In your letter, let your boyfriend know how you plan on making up for your mistakes. Tell him how you plan on working on yourself and what exactly will you do. For instance, if you were super jelous at someone and that caused problems, you should promise to stop being so jealous or something similar.

Let him know how much you care

If you want to manage a healthy and strong relationship even after this problem, you need to show your partner how much you care about them and love them. Remind them that you want to make them happy and loved. Your boyfriend might be feeling insecure now so it’s a good time to reinforce that they mean a lot to you. Tell them what you like about them, include details that will make the letter truly your own.

Be honest and sincere

“Don’t say a bunch of things that don’t sound realistic. Don’t make any promises that you know that you can’t keep – he knows you so he will know that you are being dishonest. If you made a promise several times already, don’t repeat it again because it won’t mean anything,” says Luke Helsing, a writer at AustralianReviewer and BoomEssays.

Offering empty promises is definitely the worst thing you could do in your letter. You want to really resolve this issue that you two have and the answer is definitely not to be dishonest and too sweet when you don’t plan on doing anything you say you would. This will only make more problems later. Don’t just say what he wants to hear. You should also ask what he thinks you should do to fix the problem.

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