Tips for Beginners: Learning How to Talk Dirty

By caitlynlowe

Dec 14, 2018

Learning how to include dirty talk into your sex life will help increase your sexuality and will make the experience more pleasurable.

When people think about the sounds involve in sex they imagine a lot of grunting and groaning. They picture sweating bodies and intelligible sounds as people reach the point of orgasm. For many people, the idea of trying to speak actual words while they are experiencing that pleasure is difficult to think about.

There are plenty of ways for people to improve their sex life and increase their sexuality. Many people spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to accomplish that They can save their money if they learned a tool that they already own. The use of words can accomplish these goals. Dirty talk is something to learn about and to practice. The better you get at it the more enjoyment you will find. These are some of the things to think about when trying to include dirty talk into your sex life.

Tips for Beginners

The stars in videos are not beginners at dirty talk. There is no reason to expect a person that has not tried this before to be as good as they are. Instead of trying to copy what you hear an expert doing, start out a little slower.

It is possible to start out slowly. Begin with describing how you feel as you engage in sex. Try to turn the grunts and groans into words. The good thing about dirty talk is that there are no right or wrong things to say. Over time you learn the things that excite you. Like many things about sex, the more you learn, the more pleasure you get.

Learn to Describe Yourself

Much of dirty talk is finding ways to describe yourself. Get naked in front of a mirror and look at your body. Find the parts that make you feel good and think of what words describe them. The more ways you learn to describe your body, the more opportunities open up to use your body in new ways. When you describe your body, you learn the things that make you feel good and that allows you or your partner to focus on these areas. The result is more pleasure.

Communicating in the Bedroom

One of the fears that people have about getting married is that they will never have sex with anyone else. They worry that it will get boring and routine. The solution to that is to come up with different sexual fantasies. Fantasies are a safe way to express yourself. You do not have to act on your fantasies, but that does not mean you cannot find pleasure in them. Sensuality is as much a function of your brain as it is the physical pleasure of the body. Fantasies are a way to include the brain in your sex life.

The problem with fantasies is that they are in your head. Learning how to communicate your fantasies either with your partner or to yourself can up the excitement in the bedroom. If you are with a partner, take some time to share your fantasies as you hold each other close. If you are by yourself, write your fantasies down. Just thinking about them as you write will bring a new level of sensuality to the front of your brain.

Dirty Talk and Intimacy

Many people think that these two words are opposite. They think that using dirty talk is something that is rough and primal. They look at intimacy as something that is good and pure. It is possible that dirty talk can work with intimacy. Expressing the way you feel during sex through dirty talk is an open and honest form of communication. Openness and honesty are the basis of intimacy.

The most intimate part of the dirty talk is when you stop talking. It is when you start listening to the things going on around you. Hearing what your partner likes and having them hear what makes you feel good, will take the intimacy of sex even higher. The result when you listen to the dirty talk is even more pleasure.

Don’t Worry, Enjoy the Moment

Sex is messy. That is part of the fun of the experience. There is no reason to expect that dirty talk is just like the rest of sex. It is messy at times. You may say something you did not mean to say. As your body feels more and more excited, your brain may not work the way you want it to. You may say something you don’t mean. That is okay. Don’t try to come up with the perfect words. Instead, keep trying to express yourself. The more you do it and the less you worry about mistakes, the more fun it becomes.