Opening Up About Sex

By Swapnil

Jan 30, 2017

Sex is among the most natural things in the world, yet we struggle to talk about it. That can be a problem in a Sugar relationship, where boundaries and expectations must be clearly defined. If you want your arrangement to work, opening up about sex with your Sugar Daddy is essential.

But what if he’s the one that doesn’t want to open up? Here are a few tips to get talking and spice things up your Sugar relationship.

Sexy Speak

Keep in mind that it’s okay to say sexy things and to talk about sexual topics. That doesn’t make you easy, and will not change his opinion of you. If anything, you need to be the woman in his life who is forward with her sexuality.

It’s refreshing when a woman isn’t afraid to broach topics others assume are off limits, or make a sexually explicit joke at the right time. Just make sure you’re open about sex from the beginning to make the conversation flow naturally.

Past Indiscretions

Don’t be prudish about his past experiences, and veer from sharing yours. Your partner might not be interested in hearing your confessions, and you might be better off not knowing the details of his past SBs. Most people aren’t interested in the sexual past of their partners, according to a survey from LovePanky. This isn’t about hiding things, but more about not comparing other partners and starting fresh.

Are You Serious?

When you want your partner to open up about sex, you shouldn’t make it seem like a super serious conversation. “We need to talk about sex” is not a great opener. Remember that sex is something fun and exciting. Talking about can even be seen as foreplay if you do it right.

Turn sex talk into something casual and don’t force the conversation if your Daddy doesn’t seem interested. When is the best time to talk? The best moment to talk is usually when you are doing something casual, but plans suggest it may get intimate later.

Under Pressure

Try not to force the conversation. Pressuring your Sugar Daddy to talk about an off limits topic can create more problems. Some Daddies have performance issues, among other things. Pushing them to talk can push them away. This also goes the other way– if your SD wants to try something you aren’t excited about, you need to say what’s on your mind.

Use a calm voice, and refrain from trying any sarcasm here. With a sweet smile and a touch on the hand say, “I need to ask you about something.” Have an honest conversation about the fears or questions you both might have. Remember sex is about learning each other’s boundaries and both people being fulfilled.

A New Toy

Once you open up a dialogue, the sex should get progressively better. Sometimes the best way to get someone to loosen up is through direct action. Get a new sex toy or costume from a website like If it’s lingerie that makes him tick, or a vibrator that sends you over the edge– introducing novelties is a great way to bond in bed.

Having a prop and surprising him can break the ice, and get his imagination going. Take the initiative and suggest new ideas. If you can, take a mini-trip or staycation with your SD to test the waters, and bring up sex when you’re away from home. It can be easier to open up when you aren’t in your usual surroundings.

Judge-free Zone

You can’t judge anyone else’s sexual desires. People like what they like because they like it, and for no other reason sometimes. There is always someone “weirder” than you, so don’t think you are alone in any fantasies or fetishes. And neither is he. Be open-minded, and try not to make him feel ashamed or embarrassed.
Above all, be open yourself and willing to listen to your partner. Understand that not everyone has the same preferences, and the only way to find out is to ask. We all have needs and desires, so don’t hold yours back!