Why I Prefer Sex with an Older Man

By Danielle

Oct 13, 2017

At this point in the game, I’ve had quite a few traditional boyfriends and quite a few SDs. One thing I’ve learned? I only orgasm with my SDs. While I’ve always been attracted to guys around my own age, they just don’t cut it in the bedroom. Why is this? I have a few ideas on why I prefer sex with an older man.

I’m Less Self-Concious

Older men grew up with a physical ideal that is more attainable. Young guys today are into extremes. Perfectly toned, hairless bodies are all the rage. In addition to being ridiculously skinny and having a thigh gap, we’re also supposed to have a huge ass and boobs. However, older men have different standards. They appreciate curvier, softer bodies as opposed to rock solid abs. They like real boobs and bushes. Basically, they’re totally fine with real women and know that we all come in different shapes.

An older man also has more attainable ideals within the bedroom. He doesn’t expect you to act like a porn star, attending to his every need all while arching your back and screaming how big his manhood is. Maybe it’s because porn was less accessible and more of a novelty when he was growing up. Or maybe he just has more experience with real women. Either way, he’ll show you some respect and won’t treat you like a sex object.

If I’m with a guy my own age, I’m comparing myself to other women and worrying how I stack up in his mind. But when I’m with an SD, I know I’m perfect in his eyes. This is due to both the age difference and the fact that he created a profile looking for his ideal woman…and he chose me.

All of this adds up to a much more pleasurable experience for me. I’m enjoying the moment, rather than getting stuck in my own head. And we all know that thinking is one of the biggest roadblocks to female orgasms.

He’s Eager to Please

Younger guys can be selfish. Sure they’ll go down on you, but many only do it begrudgingly or as part of the “routine”. They just want to get it over with. On the other hand, older men come to enjoy it. They want to please you just as much as they want to be pleased. They are patient and will work their magic for as long as it takes for you to explode. And they definitely won’t complain about it. They may even insist! Multiple orgasms are also a very real possibility when you’re with an older guy.

Likewise, he’s not afraid to communicate. He’ll ask you whether something he’s doing is good for you. And he’ll be sure to reciprocate and let you know what works for him. Moreover, older men are more open to trying different things. They’re more comfortable with their sexuality and they want you to feel free to be open with yours. If you have any kinks or fantasies, they’ll often be willing to try them out with you.

Years of Experience

Older men are also much more respectful. They’ll ask for permission before trying anything crazy. And if there’s something you’re not comfortable with, he’ll stop. No questions asked.

Through many years of experience, an older man develops good techniques to truly please a woman. The women before you have left their mark. Their critiques have helped him to better understand women’s needs. They won’t just jack hammer you and they won’t aggressively squeeze your boobs. Unless you’re into those things, of course. Plus, they understand the female anatomy much better than guys in their 20s, who often fumble around and don’t even know where the clit is.