How To Properly Take Care Of Your Adult Toys

By MartaGajin

Apr 01, 2019

Up until recently, they were the usual taboo that you are just too ashamed to ask for in the store. Today when you are just a click away from your fantasies there are no doubts left for a woman when thinking of buying one. Since the time Sex and the City dared to talk about vibrators and sex toys that women can use alone or in a company of a lover, no lady worldwide had a hesitation from buying one. And why should they? They are an exciting way to get to know your sexual limits better and above all healthy addition for your body and mind. But how you should take care of it once you finally get it? Ultimately it is a toy that comes into contact with our most intimate parts and are areas prone to infections that we do not want to be caused by our sex toy. There are certain precautions that need to be met and in the following text, we will enlist them for you. So without further ado, Here are the basic care tips you should follow in order to preserve your sex toy in a good and healthy condition.

When You Just Bought It

Take it out of its packaging, check that it comes complete and with all the parts indicated in the manual. Try it out briefly, if necessary, to check that it works as it should. Review the manual step by step to make sure you bought what you wanted and take the necessary precautions as indicated. Many erotic adult toys have different requirements for maintenance so try to remember them well once you throw away that manual that came with a package.


Check if you need batteries, lubricant or if you can use it in the shower. If it suggests or you prefer to use some type of lubricant make sure that the one you choose is compatible with the material of the toy. We recommend using those that are water-based since they are usually the most compatible with all types of materials. Especially the silicone ones since the material can tear up with excessive use of inappropriate lube.

First Use

Then, before the first use, you should wash it with neutral soap or plenty of water, just as you would with any clothes. Toys can be stored nearly everywhere you are comfortable with as long as the exterior is not damaging it. Needless to say, It is very important to wash the toy immediately after using it. Always do so with soap and enough water but pay attention not to wet the battery. When you have washed it dry use a special towel for your toy and then let it air dry for a few minutes before storing it.

Many experts recommend re-washing it before each use, this can be done only with a little water to remove the dust or any other substance that may have come into contact while being stored. From time to time, if the toy allows, we suggest washing it with boiling water to make sure you completely eliminate any bacteria that may have remained. Do not use alcohol to clean it! Not only that it can damage the surface of the toy but you can end up with a devil-like infection or a terrible burning in the intimate area.

Sharing your Toy

If you share your toy with your partner it is highly recommended that you use a condom for the vibrator, especially it’s is not a stable partner. Those that are silicone, above all, have many pores in which the bacteria can easily jump from one body to the other. It is also highly advised to put a condom if you use it for the anal games since you don’t want to immediately use it on your vagina without one.

Remember that there are very different microorganisms in every part of our body. If you do not want to use a condom, then at least flush it before inserting it into another part of your body. A super important part of the care of your vibrator is how you keep it. Make sure it is completely dry before storing it, dry on all surfaces and properly cleaned. Some experts recommend powdering them with talcum powder to prevent it from getting wet and minimizing the chance of infection.

But If you feel like using powder then remember to wash it nicely before using it again. Another thing worth remembering is that you will need to remove the batteries before storage because the heat can damage them if not used for some time. If you have several toys keep each one in a separate ziplock bag, that is, one bag per toy. Even if you throw them all in the same drawer remember that they must be stored separately in order to preserve them in a healthy and perfect condition for a long time.